Tuesday, July 17, 2012

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The Faceshop lovely mix blush BR803

The name of the product is called blusher but it is actually for shading.
This is one of inexpensive cosmetics from Faceshop called lovely mix blush BR803.

The price is less than a cup of coffee and could achieve sharp face outline.
The texture is similar to any cosmetics that is sold in the department stores.
This product is good for students who don’t have enough budgets.
Not like in the past days, shading is commonly found and many inexpensive cosmetic brands started to launch them.

Like the other low-priced cosmetic brands, they didn’t make a separate section for bronzer so it is in the same line with the blushes. So in purchasing the products don't have to be confused with other blushes because it’s only what is call.

The brown color bronzer has less reddish color in it.
If there isn’t any reason it is always better to pick bronzer products with less reddish color.
The reddish color in the bronzer might make the face look reddish and the makeup style could be out of date.

Most importantly! Less color of red looks much natural.

 When you look closely there are some soft glitters
And many others could feel it’s too much for using them.
But if it isn’t a big and thick glitter it will make the surface of the face smooth.
For the people who have blotches on their chin line, they should avoid using bronzer with glitters.

The intensity of color is low so many people are disappointed.
However too much of shading is equal to insufficient shading as well, which it means
the bronzer is used daily so it is better to look natural.
So the faceshop bronzer is just perfect for daily look.
It’s easy to express the color for even beginners to do natural makeup.

People think that they have to purchase another product for doing nose shading but it is fine to use the product for face bronzing. However applying the nose shading should be lighter than the face shading because the perspective is from the front view.

As I have said above,
In shading the important part is to look natural.
Piccasso brush #103 is made put of squirrel fur that is perfect for doing overall shading for the face and avoid doing strong shading. It is easy to do for even beginners to attain the smoothness and the natural style.

As I have said before it is more difficult to do nose shading than face shading.
Doing shading is to look natural as possible. 
The overall shading for the face is to do the sides but for the nose it is the center of the face so doing it slightly heavy might look like Broadway actresses. Also if the line is not straight it will make the shape of the nose looking awkward.
Furthermore together with the highlight might end up looking more like chalk powder on top of the nose.

So for doing the nose shading pick a brush that isn’t too stiff at the end or too soft.
Piccasso brush # 201 is most popular brush for doing the nose shading.
It gives decent quality of the color and can to variety of technique with it.

Slightly lay the brush sweep the side of the nose and connect the end to the eyebrow and lightly pat the side of the nose.

Do highlighter with nose shading…

 The brush helps to look natural with less clustering of the powder products.


Smooth surface with great tenacity and long lasting through out the night.
No distraction from sweats or face oils.
When light is shine upon makes the surface of the face smooth and clear.
Great for doing natural makeup and showing clear skin.

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