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Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen WOW.

It is called oxygen foundation.

Like the name of the foundation is light, clear, and similar to the particle oxygen.
The texture of the Benefit Oxygen foundation is in the middle of liquid and cream foundation.
The cream foundation provides with perfect coverage and liquid helps the skin to be moisturized. So it has all the positives from each formula making it very light and moisten.
The oxygen wow-hydrating complex helps to absorb the oxygen and makes the skin glossy and looking healthy. It also protects from outside stresses.

Works as a sunblock as well (SPF 25 PA +++) leading to best foundation for summer.

The pumping container makes it clean and easier to control the amount of foundation.
It is easy to stay sanitary because wiping with wet tissue well do.

There are 9 different colors to choose from so the area of choices got large.

1.     clear skin tone
-       ivory fair (Believe in me) : lively and fresh skin
-       ivory (I’m pure 4 sure) : natural and fresh skin

2.     yellow skin tone
-       peddle (I’m plush and precious ) : calm and natural skin tone/ evens out the blemish in the skin.
-       Champaign (cheer to me) : brings out the color of the face
-       Honey (I’m so money) : healthy and natural looking skin

3.     dark skin tone
-       Beige (I’m all the rage) : clam and natural skin
-       Toast Beige (warm me up) : healthy and natural skin

4.     very dark skin tone
-       amber (I’m so glamber) : clam and natural skin
-       hazelnut (I’m hopelessly hot) : healthy and natural skin

The three colors: ivory fair, ivory, and peddle is just right for Korean women to use.
Especially, ivory color was specially made for Asians.

Like the name of oxygen foundation, it is very light.
The product doesn’t get pushed and applies lightly with great coverage.
Even though it gives great coverage, the foundation isn’t too heavy and makes the skin looks transparent.
It is oil free product and holds the moistures in the skin, which is perfect for summer season for doing very light makeup.

The benefit oxygen foundation makes the skin moisturized and at the same time it is very moisten. The creation of 'oxygen wow-hydrating complex' supports the skin cells to breath even after makeup.

Also it helps to balance out the oil and moister in the face that prevents the darkening effect and stays bright for the rest of the day with a great coverage.

Tip on using Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen foundation.

This foundation doesn’t get cluster!
The Benefit Oxygen foundation applies smoothly without and pushes overs.
Overlapping the foundation won’t build up and make it thick so it could give great coverage in the area where there are blotches.
It clearly covers any pimples on the face.
After applying the foundation for several times pat the face with the large surface of the brush.

The aim of the Benefit Oxygen foundation is to apply lightly so it is better to use wide surface brush.
Piccasso #FB16 brush has large surface and the edge doesn’t cut straight so the overlapping part end doesn’t leave a mark after applying the foundation.
It is made out of high quality fur that is great for tenacity and can quickly apply.

After applying, use the large surface of the brush and pat it gently to increase the coverage.
#FB16 Piccasso brush helps to apply summer foundation very lightly so it is the best foundation brush for summer season.

Even for cream blush and foundation
It easily helps to apply without any stains on the face and can be used in variety way.

FB16 brush can be used very lightly and with speed without clustering the foundation.

Benefit Oxygen foundation

1.     gives glossy and transparent effect to the skin

- Gives light, smooth, and healthy skin texture
2.     prevents the makeup to be floated and gives great adhesion
- Smooth coverage with natural looking coverage
3.     Lasts for the day without darkening
- Balance of oil and moisture on face that prevents from darkening and bright up the face
4.     Protects from sunlight
- SPA25 PA+++

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