Thursday, July 19, 2012

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“BOBBI BROWN POT ROUGE” [Tawny / Pale Pink]

BOBBI BROWN’s best item of Pot rouge  

Multi-item which could be applied to cheek, eyes, and lips.
There are many pot rouge fans containing cream product fans.
People usually use it except the case of lack of products.

Not sticky but moderately oily even though it is cream type. 
All colors are hot item.

It is hard to be all colors hot item although it is a popular line. But, Pot rouge exceeded
Popular color as a blusher or lip-brush or eye-shadow…
So, they are all the BEST!

Color looks luxury. 
That’s why people looks for only Pot rouge. 
It fits well to lip or cheek or any part with its luxurious color. 
At once, the color steals peoples’ heart. 

There are quite many people who considers burdensome for blusher. 
If you are a person who enjoys using blusher, it does not matter. 
All the people who feel unnaturalness by applying pink, orange, or purple color could use it well. 

In case of BOBBI BROWN TAWNY, it looks like a chocolate. 

Seemingly, it is not the color that could be applied to the cheek.
For this reason, people hesitate about applying it. But, if you actually try it, you may notice it’s quite fine.
It gives feminine beauty out of maturity. 
Also, it naturally goes well with shading. Although it is far from reddish or fresh, it gives you a calm image.

BOBBI BROWN Pot rouge fail pink is good for giving a vividness as a blusher or lip. 
Lovely and pure feeling. 
Most of all, general pink blusher can be looked separately, but it’s well applied to skin. 

You could express natural skin through adjusting concentration, and it’s possible to complete blusher easily. 

When you apply it to the lip, lip color is expressive and transparent.
BOBBI BROWN Pot rouge has a great moisturizing power and sustaining power without dryness. 
Based on these facts, you could reduce retouches.

When you use BOBBI BROWN Pot rouge as a blusher, you’d better use elastic brush.
Piccasso Makeup Brush FB16 has perfect elasticity and wide hair 
so, color well fits through slight tapping or sweeping. 
Besides, the advantage of BOBBI BROWN Pot rouge is keeping moisture. 
People who don’t like change of formula will be much more interested in this product.
BOBBI BROWN Pot rouge has natural color regardless of vivid color or arranging color such as tony products.
Therefore, it is better to apply pot rouge in natural than to give a point.

If you’d like to give a point to front cheek foramen like BOBBI BROWN Pot rouge fail pink, 
coat it in one side of the brush and tap front part centrally! 
Tap and apply slightly with edge of brush Finish. 

If you want to have natural blusher like wrapping up face-line by connected with BOBBI BROWN Pot rouge, tap around front cheek foramen lightly. Then, gradate as connecting with shading and touch front part of front cheek foramen in natural.
Color does not swell but atmospheric, you could be an urbane female.

Pot rouge for lips and cheek, 

Cream formula products for lips and cheek

W purify Head of Woo Hyun-Jeung – Go So-Young, Lim Soo-Jung, Lee Young-Eun, Gong Hyung-Jin, Lee Mi-Suk etc.

Piccasso Makeup Brush FB16 hair is elastic and soft so that it makes possible to express neat skin.
The size is really big but, it’s possible to apply it within a short time. You could enjoy using it to show natural skin expression.


  1. Oh I love Bobbi Brown make up, this palette looks so lovely!

    1. Yes. It will be better to use with Piccasso brush when applying this beautiful color. ;)