Monday, July 23, 2012

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Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow
Long-wear Cream Shadow in color nude was launched as a collection on Miami in June.

Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow
Has great intensity of color without clustering and lasts for whole day.
Also there is diversity of color to choose from so many people loves this line.
This eye shadow was made for summer season thus
launching Candle light, Nude beach, Copper, and Bronze.

Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow
There is no smudge or glitters that get on to the face and has great tenacity that could apply powder over it so the pigment lasts long with the powder over it.
It also controls the face oil and protects the makeup for the rest of the day.
There aren’t any clusters on double eyelid and even though it is thick there aren’t any cracks.

As like any other cream shadows it is easy to dry up!
There are some inconvenient on having to keep the cover close all the time to prevent from drying.

Nude beach color has light silver glitters with little bit of pink color in beige.
Like the name it reminds of soft and bright sand in the sea.
The glitters are tiny so it doesn’t brilliantly shows off.
The nude color might be boring due to the same color as the skin.
However the fine pigment helps the eyes to shine naturally and perfect for using as a basic color.

Another inconvenience is that even though washing the face very clean, there might be some glitters left behind so have to use cotton buds to remove all the access. But it means that there is large adherence in this product.

Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow collection makeup Tip!

Candle light, Nude Beach, Copper, Bronze, and Sugar are the colors in Miami Collection. Picking two colors and using them could make glamour eye makeup look.

Base color: Candle light, Nude beach
Point color: Copper, Bronze, Sugar

The Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow in Miami Collection
has the fine glitters so it is better to use a brush that outstands the product.
Piccasso brush #236 is made out of fine and soft fur like the squirrel fur, it is very flexible that could be used for any shadows or for cream and glitter products as well.
Also Piccasso brush #236 has some space between for hair which is great for connecting colors and can appeal the color itself.

The shape of this brush is fluffy and has flat edge that suits for applying the basic color and standing the brush helps to give point colors to the eyes and good for underline.
Furthermore, the brush offers texture of the cosmetic products that is easier for light application and excellent for doing gradation as well.

It helps the products to be lightly applied without any clustering

The Bobbi Brown Long-wear Cream Shadow
 Have soft texture like velvet and doing the finish touch is comfortable.
 - Last for a long time.
 - Clear color without clustering and cracking.
- Applying with a brush would be more effective. 


  1. ooh I never thought of using brushes before! always used my figures to apply it.

    Sounds like using a brush would give a more smooth and even layer... I will have to buy a brush 8)

    Furita x

    1. yes, there is really a difference in using hands and brushes. Have you know about our brand?
      Check them out.