Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Selection of blush brushes

 Blusher brush, selecting like an expert

1.     Check products that I usually use.

-Cream, liquid, jell type blusher: 14 synthetic, 188, FB 16
Moist blusher is usually applied with hand or sponge.
When using brush, ones with artificial hair are good.
They smooth well and help coloring with not ruining brush.
14synthetic is popular as highlighter brush to artists, but it is also good for using cream blusher as its Japanese artificial hair smoothes color well.
Just apply with rolling the horizontally cut edge of #188 which and is usually used as foundation brush.
Some may have trouble with applying cream blusher after covering due to blemishes.
Those people can express smoothly with tapping it lightly.

-powder type blusher : 14pony, 17, 105, 108

2.     Consider my makeup skill when selecting brush for powder type blusher.

-beginner: 105, 108
#105 is most common typed blusher brush, and it is popular to beginners as they can color by rolling the big and thick hair.
Skin with many blemishes and bumps can have peeled base after rolling blusher brush.
If you have problem like that, I suggest #108 which colors well with just sweeping lightly.

-Skilled: 14pony, 17
These blusher brushes are what pro artists use most and used by people who admire their skill when trying something new.
They are all flat shaped, and products which colors by rolling with touching, sweeping, or with hand.
14pony is hard to be used for public as it is small, so bigger #17 might be better for them.
Rolling with tapping lightly expresses round and cute feeling.
Sophisticated feeling can be expressed by touching diagonally.

3.     I just started using blusher.
I felt stimulated after using only brushes served with products.
So I am looking for high quality brush for it, and there are too much. Please recommend one.
: People still apply blusher by rolling, so beginners usually select #105.
However, if you want trendy skill, sweeping and touching with the edge, I recommend #108.
Sale of Piccasso also shows this: #105 was originally more popular, but #108 gained fame as time went, finally becoming the best seller.


  1. Great review of these brushes. I often find I have no idea what brush to use for what...there are soooo many! It's nice to have a some straight forward explanation! Thanks for the tips :-)

    1. Thanks for the comment. I am uploading more informations about brushes so look out for that and there are more informations on brushes.

  2. this is so great--I started getting into makeup a couple years ago and I'm still overwhelmed by all the different types of products and kinds of brushes. this really helps!

    1. Thanks for the comment. We are the Piccassomakeupbrush if you are interested in purchasing or any, welcome to leave us comments through blog or face book.

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    1. thank you. if you have any questions regarding to any reviews or about Piccassobrush feel free to ask~