Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kim Namjoo makeup/Kim Namjoo Lipstick-2010 newest makeup skill, makeup order

This is TV ‘It beauty-Soonsu’ video aired on cable TV.
I learned Kim Namjoo style from Chungdamdong beauty salon Soonsu who is in charge of hair and makeup of the best Fashionista, Kim Namjoo.
Piccasso brush showed up again this time.
Learn how to use brushes and stylish makeup of Kim Namjoo through this video.

1.Fb 15
Foundation brush-Japanese artificial hair
:As it is handmade, it has sophisticatedly cut hair and thick.
It smoothes well and it’s great pore-covering effect makes it most popu;ar among foundation brushes of Piccasso. Touch lightly with relaxing hand after coat product on hair evenly, and applying with laying the hair if you want better covering or smoothing.

2. 302
Eye point brush-weasel hair
: It expresses naturally as the hair hardness is controlled.
Cutting and thickness are focused for touching naturally.
It is made for beginners to use easily.

3. 402
Screw brush-PBT material
: This screw brush is usable with eyebrows and eyelashes.
You can express naturally by drawing eyebrow after trimming eyebrow with screw brush.
Also, even when eyebrow is stained, you can color evenly by sweeping lightly with screw brush.
When trimming eyebrow, brush eyebrow downside and cut the parts that are out of eyebrow shape.
When mascara is crumpled, just brush eyelash with #402. It makes naturally trimmed eyelash.

4. 239
Eyeshadow brush-goat hair
: #239 express perfectly with just one touch and gradation.
It performs great coloring without powder floating with its strong hair catching powder particles very well.
It’s most popular product because it is must-have as it is great to apply base color.
You can blend with laying it down or apply point color with tipping it. You can also express the under.

Eyeliner-Japanese artificial hair
: This is subminiature brush made for touching small and delicate parts.
 It doesn’t stimulate skin at all as it is made of Japanese first-class artificial hair.
It is very popular as eye line brush as it is very useful to express inside eye or eye edge.

6. 406
Under eyeliner-Japanese artificial hair
: It is essential item for expressing dramatic eye line on stage makeup as it expresses inside eye and eye edge delicately.
Although it is very small, it is useful when coloring small parts or covering.

7. 702
Blusher-grey squirrel hair
: The size proper for both powder and blusher is noticeable.
It feels soft as it is made of grey squirrel hair which doesn’t stimulate at all.
You can sweep along skin texture with sweeping with round and flat shape or touching lightly with thick edge.
It is good for beginners as it applies lightly and the coloring is so natural.

8. 501
Lip brush-Japanese artificial hair
It gets sharp along the hair and you can color even tiny parts while smoothing evenly.
You can color perfectly by pushing lightly.
Some artists use it as concealer brush, it’s because it covers well with its great flexibility.

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