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Trimming eyebrow (Drawing, shaping, doing straight eyebrow, celebrities)

The word eyebrow feels so so far away from me.
Every women and who is learning makeup say that it is difficult to trim and shape the eyebrow. Even for me as a makeup artist it is not easy.
Eyebrow is the key to the natural makeup.
Trimming and shaping the eyebrow is more important than eyebrow products and the practice of drawing eyebrow.

One of my students showed me her trimmed eyebrow and her eyebrow was telling me that "I just came right after the trimming my eyebrow." 
I could exactly see the spot where it was trimmed. Oh NO…

What do you think is common between famous Korean celebrities like Kim Tae hee, Han Gain, and Song Hea gyo?

Actresses? Celebrities? Korean? They are all right but most importantly it is the natural looking trimmed eyebrow. The eyebrows are not telling the public that they have just finish trimming. When eyebrow was awkwardly trimmed it won't be allowed between young adults these days

Anyone who wants to have natural looking eyebrow?
Please be ready with Piccasso Hue Gray and Picasso Pink.

I hope your not ready with the eyebrow cutter.
In order to have natural eyebrow is important to have tweezer and eyebrow scissors.

Let me tell you why do you have to use tweezer (Hue Gray) and eyebrow scissors (Pink).

In the picture A, eyebrow is suppose to get narrower.
However cutting the end part would end up like the picture B.
When you want to have natural looking eyebrow you need to remove the hair one by one. When the cutter is used it is like in the picture B. It is hard to achieve natural looking makeup style.

Han Yae seul is known to have beautiful eyebrow.
As you can see and feel that all her eyebrow hair is alive. 

The very basic step of trimming the eyebrow is to have a outline.

After the set of outline pick out the rest of the hair? No way~

The era of removing all the hair to make the shape of the eyebrow is passed.

Nowadays, shape the eyebrow, which it helps best in appealing the original shape.
So this way it helps to be natural even though makeup is removed and can tell who the person is.
First of all have a idea of ideal eyebrow.
Most good-looking eyebrow shape is to have little bit of hill on top and the bottom is curved.

It divides with part A and B.
The area of an A is the basic line and uses the tweezer to pull out the hairs.
If it is painful to do it you could use the cutter to clearly cut.
(The intersection part of A and B could be also arranged with the cutter.)

The B area is the part that should be cleaned with the tweezer.
In this region it is difficult to clean as there is upper eyebrow blocking the way.

So slightly hold up the upper eyebrow and trim.
(Neatly clean all the hair in part B and still it won't look so empty as the upper hair is covering it.)

After the trimming,
Cut the hair by hair that is sticking out with the eyebrow scissors.
If all the hair is cut with eyebrow scissor it is same as cutting with the cutter so Never do that!

Now it is done trimming, lets move onto drawing the eyebrow.
If you can do the trimming, so worries on drawing the eyebrow.
Think as if it is filling in the empty spaces following the shape of the eyebrow.

As I have said above,
The basic and important part in drawing the eyebrow is to fill in the empty spaces.

For the people who drawing the eyebrow straight to the end would make is awkward. So fill in the blank space first or place the color all over all so it is easier to draw. Drawing the eyebrow in slanted way is not ideal so follow the eyebrow hair curl and draw it diagonally. (above eyebrow hair)

In model’s eyebrow at the end is empty so connect it first and than fill in the blank spaces.


It is more important to trim than to draw.

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