Friday, July 13, 2012

rabbit look, makeup that goes with the rabbit look, how to do makeup

Rabbit look.

In the future some people might say that rabbit fur or rabbit accessories would be in the trend.  I am not even born in the year of rabbit but as a makeup artist I am excited to be in the year of rabbit.

Woman doing makeup
Somewhat rabbit look is more familiar than just a rabbit makeup.
So when other people is shouting about the rabbit look I would do a makeup look that goes with the rabbit look.


Not too much but just right and is cute.
In the year of rabbit, I am 25years old? This clothes are just right for me
But I don't think I can go with it after this year.

What makeup should go with this cute rabbit look?

Anyway rabbit look is cute and appealing style
So lovely makeup would help to appeal the adorable rabbit look J

Above all the products giving attention to the blush would be fantastic.
Try to use orange or pink color.

In this case apply the blush in round and pointed motion.
Also pick a round shape makeup brush that helps to create a round motion when applying the product. Give a light smile and apply the blush like creating a circle on to the apples of the cheek

Sexy rabbit look!

This is the appearance that could have both cute and sexy.

Many could say this is the pure sexy look haha

In this sexy rabbit look do a smoky makeup that goes well with it.
Instead of emphasizing with a eye line only, add a shadow to give a profound look adding more on to sexy look.

Black color would be nice but using deep brown or khaki color could be more appealing. 

Eye make up is important in smoky makeup.

Piccasso makeup brush #239
This brush is the most common brush that could give rich color to the eyes.
The feature of the lamp’s fur is great because of the strength, which gives great intensity of color and clear glittering effect. This is not only good for smoky makeup but as well as for natural make up. 

Piccasso makeup brush #219

This is the brush that is popular for doing smudges.

The edge is round so it is perfect for doing gradation and blending the colors.

The feature of lamp’s fur holds the color on to the brush without loosing the richness of the color so it is a adequate brush for doing smoky makeup.

Piccasso makeup brush #709

It is used as giving a point to the eyes.

The bristles are flat and large for going over the eye line or doing an underline. The brush is made up with kolinsky fur so there isn’t any problem for sensitive skin people to use.

Top and G dragon 

They are also in the style rabbit look telling the public that it is the rabbit year.

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