Thursday, July 12, 2012

Lee Hyo lee eye line/ how to draw eye line/ eye line make up


These days Lee Hyo lee’s eye line is on every topic.

Any women would mostly spend their make up time mostly doing EYE MAKEUP.
Among the rest many feels difficult drawing eye line. J

Not only public women feels important also celebrities like Lee Hyo lee, Kim Yeon ah, Gain, and many other more consider the importance of eye line.
In showing the define eye shape there is no better way than to use eye linear.

Most common tool used in drawing eye line might be EYE LINEAR BRUSH?!
There are many choices and many one of you might get confuse and can’t fine which one is best for me.

Lets fine out the different eye line brushes.

Eye line brush could be divided into 3 category in large scope.

1.   (Piccasso Brush #306)

In the case of wide and flat surface, it is the tool to fill in the space of eyelashes instead of going out for wide arrange of style.

Using the brush with speed and making the tip slightly high would make the end of the eye to end smoothly.
This brush is favorable to makeup starters and whoever wants to look natural.

2. (Piccasso Brush #717)

This brush is standard shape brush with suitable flat surface.  
People who have drawn eye line before would feel suitable to use it.  Some might think it is similar as a brush that they have used before.

Also can use to fill in the space of the eyelashes, corner of the eye, and under eye linear so this brush is favorable to the person who likes to do smoky make up.

3.(Piccasso Brush #401)

The small and sharp end style of the brush helps the eyes to look more edgy and can emphasize the end of the eyes as well. Also the brush is recommended to the person who also likes to draw under linear.

The end of the brush is narrow so it is easy to draw underline and could give precise touch J
This brush is more encourage to the people who are comfortable doing variety of eye make up than the beginners.

Before drawing the eye line makes sure to consider the shape of the eye or else whole make up would be a mess.

Certainly check the shape of the eye and choose the right style that goes well with the eyes.

Person who has double eyelid

The thick eye line could make the eyes appear heavy.

Use gel or liquid type of product to fill in the space of eyelashes than draw the end of the eyes and under as well. Lastly finish off the double eyelid with the black color eye shadow. This creates deep and edgy look.

Person who have no double eyelid

Use well mixture of shadow or gel type of eye linear when there is no double eyelid

Draw the eye line until it can be seen when the eyes are open and make sure to fill in the spaces of the lashes.
From than on use black shadows and than do the color gradation to create profound look. In this case make sure to do underline. Fill in the space of under lashes with black gel line and eye line pencil. 
For the finish slightly go over with dark color eye shadow.

When drawing the eye line the important idea to consider is that does it go well with me. 

Do the make up according to the shape of the eyes and follow TPO :)

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