Monday, February 6, 2012

Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk

Skinfood Rose Cheek Chalk


It's a cheap blusher.
You can have a blusher in price of a cup of coffee.
It has worth noticing if you avoid using cream blusher because of its stickiness.
It is not sticky as it is mousse type, and it applies quiet well.
In case of oily skin, people tend to prefer powder typed blusher in that they don't like their skin being clammy.
Mousse typed blusher is also good for oily skin to apply.
It doesn't mean that it is not good for dry skin.
Rose Cheek Chalk is a cream blusher.
It cannot be dry.

It expresses skin smooth as it contains pearl.

As it is cream type, you can use it without stuff feeling 
and no powder flying.

As it is coin sized, it has great portability.
It goes into a pouch.


It has 3colors, #1,#2, and #3.
Pink, peach, coral peach
You can select either warm tone or cool tone with these 3.

It doesn't colors too powerfully.
It is also good for beginners.

#1. Rose Pink
The color is good to express lovely and feminine beauty.
It is more proper to highlight on front cheek rather than coloring deeply.
It is a blusher that goes well with bright and lovely makeup rather than smoky makeup.
Although it is very bright and clear, it doesn't make white skin look pale or cold as it contains gold pearl.

#2. Rose Peach
Warm color
It is good to use easily.
It is close to coral pink.
As the color of containing pearl is gold, it upgrades the warm feeling.
When applied lightly, it is also good to draw face line with harmonizing with shading.
It also goes well with smoky makeup or dark skin.

#3 Rose Orange
Rose Cheek Chalk gives warm feeling as it contains gold pearl and red tone.
It is good to express cute and lovely feeling.
Although it is red little bit, it doesn't make face look red.
Please try Rose Orange if you want younger look.

One color in one coffee.
Three colors in one pasta price.
It might be good to use according to 'today's makeup' after buying all 3.

As the entrance isn't that big, it is good to use brush that is not big.
The hair must be artificial because it is a  cream blusher.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.188 makeup brush that is known to be a multi-brush is also good to apply cream blusher.
It colors naturally by rolling lightly, because its hair is not hard.
It makes beginners good to use it.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.188 brush also can be used highlighter brush, not only cream blusher.
Either cream type or powder type is usable as it has artificial hair.

Just, it is good to use in only one usage as the color and pearl are mixed when apply both highlighter and blusher.

Yield it to skin~

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.188 brush that can express products from powder to foundation naturally is released.

It is a cream typed pearl blusher that contains moist and soft rose hip oil, and you can finish makeup in delicate and fantastic feeling.
It smoothes softly and expresses naturally even when coated over powder.
Pearls that look differently depending on angle of light makes face look cubical 
and expresses brightly.


  1. I dont know which on is Rose Peach and which one is Rose Orange acc to those swatches :(

  2. Thank you for your question
    The second is rose peach in the left of the picture.
    The second is rose pink in the center of the picture.
    The second is rose orange in the right of the picture.
    Did you find this helpful?

  3. Mmmmm, still confused. I'm edited ur pic a bit (hope u don't mind). You don't have to edit all ur swatches up there :P

  4. Okay I see

    a : rose orange
    b : rose pink
    c : rose rose peach

    (L-R) Rose peach-Rose pink-Rose orange