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Bobby Brown eyeliner

Bobby Brown jell eyeliner

The father of jell eyeliner 'Bobby Brown'
The famous Bobby Brown jell eyeliner led liquid jell eyeliner to jell type.
Bobby Brown is the pioneer of jell eyeliner.

Well, there seems to be something like 'flaw' in Bobby Brown jell eyeliner.
there are some inconveniences, but they are jell eyeliners problems, not Bobby Brown's.

It is consisted of 9 colors.
It's fine to select color according to your own makeup style or pupil color.
It has many options as it has various colors.

Bobby brown has always been presented in eyeliner part in Beauty Award every year.
It means Bobby Brown is the pronoun of eyeliner.

Kim Yu-Na is also said to use Bobby Brown jell eyeliner.
It means even sports stars and entertainers enjoy using it.


Bobby Brown jell eyeliner's 'black' color is a must-have item.
It's like air to women.
Although jell eyeliner itself can be spread more than liquid products.
But Bobby Brown's one spread least among jell eyeliners.
As it is large in quantity, it is hard to use it up.
Also, it hardens more slowly than other products, so it can be used for quiet ling time.

The most popular color is surely black.
Black is the best.
It is espresso color, and surely feels more natural as it is jell typed.
People who avoid using black colors prefer using this one as it is softer than original black.

Jell eyeliner takes a huge part in smoky makeup.
It can be left off in general natural makeup or entertainer makeup.
Jell eyeliner is also essential in 'Han areum song lee' makeup that became trend among Korean
teenagers, even if not Bobby Brown's.
After coat eye line with clean color once, highlight with jell eyeliner.
And that's it.

It is the back of eye makeup.


Piccasso Makeup Brush has really various eyeliner brushes.
You can select brushes according to your style or whether you are beginner or specialist.
Among them, eyeliner brush Piccasso Makeup Brush no.717  is most popular as it is flat to draw lightly and has short hair.
People with sensitive skin love to use it as it doesn't stimulate skin at all.
By using the edge, it is good to fill eyebrows or to express slim eye line.
Han areum song lee eye line can be completed by coating it several times.
Under line is most important in Han areum song lee eye line, 
and Piccasso Makeup Brush no.717 completes under line easily.

So, it makes it popular to both beginners and specialists.

Bobby Brown jell eyeliner 
It is most basic product in eye makeup.

Ra beauty Core Kim Kyu-Ri director - Han Ga-In, Kim Hee-Ae, Jang Suh-Hee, Lee Tae-Ran, Kim A-jung, Park Ye-Jin, Jo Yu-jung, Lee Bo-Young, Lee Gyung- Sil
: " I enjoy using Piccasso Makeup Brush no.717 as under line  brush.
Clients love it as it doesn't stimulate at all."

Long Wear jell eyeliner 3g
It was selected No.1 jell eyeliner in Magazine "Sure"10th Beauty Award.
It is jell-typed eyeliner that expresses brush or eyeliner brush.
Draw line near eyelashes with smooth touch, from inside to outside, to make the line even.

[ Ways to use Piccasso Makeup Brush

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