Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet

Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet


Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet 37 is matt but never dry.

The original watery type is good for everyone as it applies well... 
But the coloring is not very satisfying.
If you could use only watery lipsticks, Rouge Allure Velvet well help you.
Clear coloring, matt feeling,
Never a dry lipstick

If you imagined matt lipstick, you're wrong.
You will experience smooth and comfort velvet feeling.
So fine coloring is a sure thing.

Many might know the attraction of matt lipstick.
Sexy and delicate feeling from matt lipstick... As Chanel explained, legendary click case is fabulous.
Results of delicately glittering makeup are smooth and comfortable velvet texture, and shining color.

Hot pink.
As this is pink tone, it goes with pink-toned face.
Also, it goes pretty well with yellow skin.
If you apply it full, it won't go well with some face...but if you use one-gradation method, 
it will go well with everybody.
The color itself makes dark color even bright.
If you actually try it, you will recognize the color beautiful and light.

It's good to apply it full, but if you don't like hot color, one-color gradation is the answer.
It is a way of applying with pointing inside the lip.
You should use an elastic brush at this step.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.501 lip brush is proper for this.
It is way of makeup that makes the color thickness fade away following to the lip line, starting from the inside.
First, apply it very lightly.
Then, apply it again with intervals.
It doesn't feel to be disconnected because you applied lightly before.

One-color gradation is used when applying strong colors.

Testing is essential for lipsticks.

- Jenny House Director Suh-Hah, Brown Eyed Girl (Korean artist), Han Ji-Min, 
Han Ji-Hye, Kin Ji-Hun (Korean actor and actresses)
: Piccasso Makeup Brush no.501 is little thicker than concealer brush, 
but I use it most as this can over blemishes in any sizes.
I enjoy using it when applying lipstick.

Rouge Allure Velvet is a new product of Rouge Allure line.
It gives more smooth and comfortable feeling any other lipsticks.
Its deep and strong color completes matt lip makeup.
Rouge Allure Velvet feels like another skin because it contains much moisture 
as it is a lipstick that makes lip smooth as stain.
Rouge Allure Velvet that contains qualified pearl particle is released in 8 colors reflecting your various feelings.

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