Thursday, January 26, 2012

Innisfree Mineral shadow Camellia Over The Fence

Innisfree Mineral shadow Camellia Over The Fence


It's 8.
Camellia Over The Fence which is one of Innisfree Mineral shadow line.
Every product in Innisfree Mineral shadow line has lyrical name.

Mineral shadow line has 11 types and the composition is various for expressing both natural makeup and smoky makeup.
Some composition in Innisfree Mineral shadow line is well done.
It has many choices as there are many products in one line.

As Mineral shadow has soft texture it smoothes well without particles adhering.
It feels like Mac Veluxe.
It's very soft.
So blending with colors is way easier.

Pink, deep gray, white pink, gray
The colors look opposite, but ladyish and clear eye line can be made with these colors.
It can be expressed by painting pink color on eye hole and deep color on under eye part.
As it contains delicate pearl, the color feels way smoother.
When applied actually, pink color doesn't stand out, but it can make dark skin darker.
It won't be very beautiful on dark skin.

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.206 eye shadow brush is soft and strong, 
so it is very good in natural makeup.
Apply the lightest pink on eye hole with Piccasso Makeup Brush no 206 eye shadow brush 
(eye can look swollen.)
After that, apply pink color just above eyelid with same Piccasso Makeup Brush no.206 eye shadow brush.
Blending is easy with Piccasso Makeup Brush no.208 eye shadow brush because it has mild hair.
Blend it by rolling lightly to eyelid rather than making the color stand out when applying light gray color.
Use deep gray color when you want clearer feeling.

Various expressions are possible by mixing colors.

Don't understimate this by its cheap price.

What we love Jenny House Lim Suh-Yoon director - Han Ji-Hye, Cha Hye-Ryun, Han Ji-Min, 
Wang Hee-Ji

: " Piccasso Makeup Brush no.208 is narrow and round, so it is proper to highlight     
    eyelid or in point makeup. 
    It is my eye makeup mate which I draw the eye line. "

: " Piccasso Makeup Brush no.206 brush is born for natural and better expression by sweeping or rolling lightly."

What we love the colors are inspired by jeju Island's landscape.
This eye shadow has transparent and fresh color of 4 seasons in Jeju Island.

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