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Tony Moly shading [Crystal Blusher #5]

Cheap shading
Now it's the generation of natural makeup and there are not many products which make face beautiful and natural like shading.
It makes face look smile by shading delicately.

Departments have sold shading but they don't have them in various colors.
Mac and Bobby Brown have various shading products.

Mac's Mineral Skin Finish Medium Dark goes well with general Korean faces.
It's not reddish much so it's comfortable for skin with pimple or troubles on chin.

But, the price might be uncomfortable to some.

These days, cheap brands release products well, but shading is released little late.
These released shading were not satisfying much.
Tony moly released a really nice product!
The name is Crystal Blusher.
It's on blusher line.
Some who are first to buy shading are sometimes confused, but it is in Crystal blusher line.

The name is sugar brown #5
It doesn't feel like shading enough in appearance, but its color is different from other brands products.

The actual color formation goes well with oriental people's skin color.
It's similar to medium dark, and it is comfortable color to use.
It doesn't feel dowdy as it is not reddish much.
It is good to adjust chin line as its delicate pearl particle makes skin look smoother.

First, only #5 was released, but later, Tony moly released products to #7.
#7 is not on homepage, but it is on stores.
If you use #23,#5 is fine, if you use over #23m #7 might work.
The price is 5,200 (Krw). 
It is one worth challenging if you've never used shading before.


Not like blusher or highlighter, shading looks dirty and dowdy when it stands out.
The most fundamental part shading is naturalness.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.103 expresses natural feeling very easily as it is made of Eurasian red squirrel hair, so beginners are also good to use it.
Color formation can be done easier when selected proper brush according to face shape.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.103 is proper brush for everyone.

As it is flat, it;s good to gradate by sweeping lightly.
At this point, coat shading product on brush and tap lightly, then gradate by sweeping lightly with laying the brush.
If you want darker color, repeat this.

Many apply products hard when needed darker color formation.
But it can spoil already applied base, so it's way better repeat this.
The density control is not easy for first users.
It is good to finish with touching 2~3 times.
There is old saying, "Too much water drowned the miller"

Face looks slim when shaded along the face line.

 ☞ Soon su Soo-Kyung director - Kim Nam-Joo, Han Eun-Jung, Kim Ok-bin, Lee Mi-Sook, Ryu Won, Lee Si-Young, Shin Ae, Lee Sun-Kyun, Wang Bit-Na, Jang Hee-Jin(Korean top stars)

☞ Various color mono-blusher that has usages from chic, highlighter to shading.

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