Tuesday, January 24, 2012

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Orange lipstick

Orange color is the best when expressing fresh and young-looking.

Is Orange color easy to use???
Like always, it's hard to apply easy ones beautifully.
Orange color can make face fresh or dowdy by little difference.
Mac orange is just the one.
Among orange lipsticks, it has nice coloring and you can highlight the makeup only with this.
As it is strong fluorescent orange, it has definite likes and dislikes and can make lip stand out too much.
People who don't like it usually say, "It feels like everyone look at my lip."

So I prepared a plain orange lipstick.

It's also good for beginners!

Chanel Rouge Coco 76 SARI DORE

It looks quite light orange color, but it is close to orange coral when actually applied.
It has nice coloring so the color appears perfectly when applied 1~2 times.

It is good in that its small pearl make lip look smooth~!

It smoothes well as it is extremely soft.
Product with this level creamy texture usually make dead skin cell stand out, but Chanel Rouge 76 SARI DORE doesn't.

It maintains freshness quite long so people with dry lips might be apply it without worry.
Watery type usually doesn't have good sustainability, nut this one has quite good sustainability and it looks even prettier when erased a bit.

It's good to do a makeup that is not too heavy or light.
It's not recommended for ones who want to express younger look with orange color.
It goes well with plain and sophisticated makeup rather than lovely one.

It looks beautiful when done one color gradation with Chanel 76 SARI DORE.
It can be done by adjusting the destiny with one color.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.714 
is proper for this.

Apply lightly entirely on lip, and gradate inside after coating the color on the brush.
Piccasso Makup Brush no.714 express color naturally, so it's good for beginners and for light lips as it's slim.

There must be ones who extremely hate pearl particles.
Of course, many might don't like thick pearls. but they hate the word 'shine'.
For them, moist type, not delicate shine, lipstick is needed.

Dior 545 FIRE

Shiny fluorescent orange color
Moist like morning dew~!

You might be fascinated by the texture after trying this just once.
It's definitely orange.
Not more than orange.

Clear and moist orange

If you wanted to try Mac Morange but couldn't please try 545 FIRE!

I didn't expect coloring as it is watery type, but look at this outstanding coloring~!
The color gets deeper as I touch more, but it remains its orange color.

It gives pure feeling without heavy feeling tell  even after coated several times.
It looks fancy and even young.

It's transparent orange that makes people look very lovely.
Using only this lipstick can make you look younger in natural makeup.

Like other moist typed products, it applies very well.
The sustainability isn't very satisfying , though.
The best advantage of this is that it mitigates the lip wrinkle.
Dead skin cell doesn't stand out as it is very moist.
It is great news for dry lips.

Just, it runs out fast as it is very moist.

DIor 545 FIRE looks prettier when applied entirely rather than gradated as it is moist type.
It's good to sweep from edge to middle with Piccasso Makeup lip no.714.  
Moist type can look dirty when pushed hard.
Touching it delicately with slim brush like Piccasso Makeup Brush no.714 can complete a perfect makeup.

Rouge Coco expresses lip makeup easily by your own style in a phase daily beauty.
It's an icon put in women's bags with creamy and soft texture in a luxurious case.
It gives women confidence every second.


Rabeauty  Core Mica Director - Han Ga-in, Park Han-byul, Lee Ha-ni, Lee Dong-gun, Park Hae-il, secret, Hyun-Ah, Park Hyo-sin makeup artist.

: "Piccasso Makeup Brush no.714 is a concealer brush that covers ant blemishes with    its flat 
   and slim hair.
Big blemishes are covered with one strong touch and small dots are covered with light touch."

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