Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dior eye shadow, Dior Black Out Look, way to do smoky makeup, makeup brush, eye makeup

Dior eye shadow 2COLEURS 065 BLACK OUT LOOK

Shadow that well with smoky makeup

It feels uncomfortable to do a smoky makeup in summer.
It not only is erased easily but look heavy.
But smoky-mania can't give it up.
Highlighting with eye line is a good answer.
It makes eyes look bigger with using only deep colored shadow.
Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls (Korean top artist) enjoy this makeup.

Dior 085 Black Out Look Shadow is very proper shadow  for this type of eye makeup.
You can add nature feeling by coating it over eye line.
When drawing only eye line, although it makes eyes look big, it  feel artificial much.
So, it's making the line smooth by coating black color on it.

 Dior 065 Black Out Look shadow's color is middle of black and charcoal.
It feels delicate and luxurious.
It's lighter than black.

It smoothes well as it is made soft texture.
It doesn't look dirty as it has little powder flying.
To prevent the powder from speared over eyes, blow the brush after coating products on, or control the amount with tissue.

Dior 065 Black Out Look shadow's black is chic and light as it doesn't contain pearl.
In case of pearl, clean and beautiful eyes can be expressed by highlighting just above the eyes rather than applying entirely.

Smudge brush is proper when applying Dior 065 Black Out Look Shadow with wide gradation like Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls
As it is round, it is easy to highlight and blending and gradation are easily done by rolling lightly.
There are various types of smudge brushes, there are different in size and hair hardness.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.200 is the latest among smudge brushes, and it is most popular among smoky manias.
Its size,shape, hair hardness make it perfect for smoky makeup.
Its string kolinsky hair doesn't stimulate eyes.

Smudge brush can be felt too big in light gradation above eye line.
Flat and diagonal-typed Piccasso Makeup Brush no.722 is proper at this time.
Gradation with brush coated with jell eyeliner and Dior 065 Black Out Look shadow lessen the artificial feeling and makes eye line clearer.
It is proper even for sensitive eyes as its hair extremely soft.
It's also good to use on under eye part as it is very flat.

It has quiet great usages as it is good both in smoky makeup and eye line makeup.

Eye shadow palette of soft powder texture expresses attractive eyes.


-> Piccasso Makeup Brush no.200 makeup brush which enables various eye line is      
    manufactured in smaller size than general smudge brushes for subtle blending and  

-> Piccasso Makeup Brush no.722 brush which enables more detailed and slim eye line 
    with jell liquid eyeliner is manufactured for freedom of expressing eye line becomes   
    important in makeup.

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