Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ways to do a blush, Benefit, Benefit Georgia, blusher recommendations


Benefit Georgia and Piccasso Makeup Brush no.108 

These are proper for people who want lovely and natural blusher.
Fresh Blusher is essential looking-younger makeup and to capture men's heart.


It is apricot powder emits warm sunlight.
Powder that contains refreshing flavor makes skin healthy and warm.
Apricot Fake-its for happy skin.

If you want natural blusher, there might not be many products that satisfy more than Georgia.

The harmony of natural color and spread pearl enhances with a blusher.
And the coloring doesn't need extra effort.
So it doesn't help people who want to highlight makeup with a blusher.

Delicate pearl makes skin look bouncy, so it's also good for people who don't enjoy using a blusher,
especially ones who worry about drooped face skin.
Although it's apricot, rather than standing out, it is very light color with pearl mixed with the color.
It makes color look really fresh.
As the color is way lighter than seeing and the product strong, the coloring is weak.
(This makes it natural)
As the case is made of paper, there's no worry of breaking.
Thanks to brush and transparent cover, there's no worry of product getting dirty, but interior brush is not saying.

Considering that Georgia products are hard, it can be thought to be for color formation.
Anyway, there are few who use this interior brush.

Su Kyung director from Soon-su in charge of Kim Nam-Joo, Han Eun-Jung, Kim Ok-bin,
Lee Mi-Suk, Lee Sun-Kyun, Lee Si-Young,  Lyu-Won (Korean top actresses)

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.108 

It's made of gray squirrel. 
Who know the feature of gray squirrel hair might understand.

Gray Squirrel hair is soft and colors well, so it's popular among not only pro artist but general users.

Especially, as Piccasso Makeup Brush no.108 brush is manufactured in size for cheek,
light touch completes easy blusher, so beginners love to use it.
As it is flat, it is painted y sweeping.
It has no worry of becoming lumpy.
It's flat and round, and it has strong hair, so it catches particles well.
It's outstanding in expressing pearl and color.
It is same brush as Piccasso Makeup Brush no.107 (size is only the difference.) [108>107]

[ Way to use Piccasso Makeup Brush no.108 ]

Georgia and Piccasso Makeup Brush no.108 are products for maximized effect when expressing naturally.
It's perfect match.

Georgia is a natural product expressing 'freshness', so it needs a brush to help coloring.
So durable Piccasso Makeup Brush no.108 is the one.
Also, Georgia is good to express pearl and the color evenly entirely on cheek.
In this case also, gray squirrel hair product like Piccasso Makeup Brush no.108 is proper.

If, there's anyone who enjoys applying blusher after applying base, as it is possible to tap with this brush, you can express blusher without making it lump.

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