Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Coming Soon Piccasso Make up Brush : Made in KOREA

Coming Soon

Brand Story

(From KOREA) M/UP Artists' Choice and Love Picasso Makeup Brush (usa) 
                                                                                           PICCASSO MAKEUP BRUSH (south korea)

Picasso Brush started in a mecca of beauty and fashion, Chuungdam dong 20 years ago. Picasso Brush, for the artists’ work, considered the features of delicate hair, devised practical design, and have used only prestigious natural hair such as Eurasian Red Squirrel hair, wool, gray squirral hair, and kolinsky hair-weaseal) pursuing inimitable cosmetics' smooth application on the skin and the best touching sense. 

It is not an overstatement to say that Picasso Brush’s management misssion of putting quality as a priority, including the best quality of natural hair and master artisans’ manual cutting suitable for makeup usage, is everything for us to do business.
This process is the fundamental reason that Picasso Brush has been most loved by popular makeup artists.
Manufactured assistance and feedback from the popular M/UP artists as Picasso Brush’s loyal customers and our good companion, helped us to design the mostly optimal tool for makeup and the best brush for skin. By today Picasso Brush are used by all the M/UP artists in Chungdam dong and are fervently by Japanese professional M/UP artists.
Our non-stopping technical development guarantees high-quality products and perfect customer satisfaction which are Picasso Brush’ unbreakable promises to customers.

Picasso Brush’s Management Mission 

Picasso Brush’s Ideals
Picasso Brush, an active trend catcher in a steadily changing field of make-up art is a community cooperating with world-widely popular makeup brush masters.

Approaching Method of Picasso Brush
Women want to have different looks and feelings from their face outlines

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