Thursday, September 15, 2011

Makeup tip of Piccasso Makeup Brush

Korea actress Han Ga In–Natural eyebrow

Natural eyebrow expression is the most important element of natural makeup.
To make your eyelash not artificially but naturally, you’d better use jell for the use of eyebrow rather than shadow. It’s because it has a strong sustaining power.
Coat it in Piccasso makeup brush 301-A or 303, and fill up the empty part along with eyebrow. Then, comb it slightly with transparent mascara.
If you don’t have much eyebrow, it’s good to apply color by using brow-mascara.

♢Brand Story
"Perfect brush makes perfect make-up"

The artists’ aspiration to the practical and special makeup touched off and we proceeded with research & development for 5 years. Finally, Piccasso Makeup Brush was born in 1994. By using unique design which is suited to pro-artists’ makeup technique and the best natural hair(Eurasian Red Squirrel hair, kolinsky hair, Mohair) of the only Piccasso Makeup Brush became really popular to the special people in the center of makeup culture with the name of “Chungdamdong Piccasso” or “Piccassoman”.

Due to makeup style or skill, it is possible for customized and various composition. With this point, we keep up our reputation of Korea pro-artists brush No.1. Based on pro-artists’ constant feedback and continuous effort to do research and development, we were introduced the best eastern brush to “Le Piccalogy". Then, we are being directly serviced to France, America and Japan pro-artists.

We invite you to the world of Piccasso brush in the center of makeup. 

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