Thursday, August 16, 2012

Way to do a makeup-newest,way to do eye makeup/way to draw eye line/ makeup order!

This is ‘It-beauty-Jenny House’ aired on cable TV.
You can meet Jenny House-special makeup loved by many stars.
You can learn about brush instructions on detail.
Please refer to itJ

I arranged Piccasso brushes viewed on the video in order

1.Fb 15
Foundation brush-Japanese artificial hair
:As it is handmade, it has sophisticatedly cut hair and thick, which makes it easier to cover pores and its quality makes it easier for beginners to use.

2. proof07
Concealer brush- Japanese artificial hair
: It is silver-colored concelaer brush in video.
It is among Piccasso proof line which has great flexibility and it is widely used for concealer.
It is proper brush to be used on parts that need partial covering like flush or pigmentation.
As it is made of first-class Japanese artificial hair and flat, is has great flexibility and it smoothes very well.
Its great coloring makes it good to be used for cream shadowJ

3. proof14
Concealer brush-Japanese artificial hair
: It is also proof line and it is good for covering blemishes or marks.
Even tiny blemishes can be easily covered with brush edge.

 4. 105

Powder/ blusher brush-goat hair
: This is popular brush as blusher brush to public, but it is being used as powder brush in video.
You can color by touching with wide side of brush or gradate using its thickness.
Its flexible hair catches products’ particle very well and it colors very well.

5. 102
Shading brush-Eurasian Red Squirrel hair

: Eurasian Red Squirrel hair is good for very sensitive skin.
Its mild hair makes natural coloring, so there cannot be a boundary when shading.
It’s ok to sweep with hair touching widely or to lightly roll using the hair edge.

6. 107
Highlighter brush-Grey Squirrel hair
: It’s flat and round shaped highlighter brush and its strong hair catches particles, so it colors very well.
As it is made of grey squirrel hair, the feeling is extremely soft.

7. 301
Eyebrow brush-weasel hair
: This product is focused on cutting and thickness for natural touching.
It is made especially for beginners.
Hair hardness is controlled for natural expression without excessive coloring.
Touch along the eyebrow from middle and express front hair naturally with the residual.
Next, finish the eyebrow edge with touching with the diagonal. Then you can have perfect and natural eyebrow.

8. 402
Screw brush-PBT material
: This screw brush is usable with eyebrows and eyelashes.
You can express naturally by drawing eyebrow after trimming eyebrow with screw brush.
Also, even when eyebrow is stained, you can color evenly by sweeping lightly with screw brush.
When trimming eyebrow, brush eyebrow downside and cut the parts that are out of eyebrow shape.
When mascara is crumpled, just brush eyelash with #402. It makes naturally trimmed eyelash.

9. 704
Eyebase brush-kolinsky hair
: Kolinsky hair is in best quality among makeup brush hair.
It’s flat shaped with round edge and its volume is noticeable, compared with cream shadow brush.
Its flexibility is excellent and its strong hair catches particles very well, which makes it express color perfectly.
It’s great in that it is usable also with powder shadow, not only cream shadow.
Artists prefer to use this because it smoothes even pearl particles.

10. 302
Eye point brush-weasel hair
: It has flat and short shaped hair. Its strong hair makes it proper as eye point makeup.
Way more natural eye line than clear eye line drawn with eyeliner brush can be expressed, and smoky typed intense eye line can be expressed with point color shadow.
When highlighting cheek with pearl product or coloring under part, you can express outstanding coloring by touching lightly with relaxing hand.

11. 713
Eyeliner brush-Japanese artificial hair
: This concealer brush that covers general sized blemishes most easily.
It’s good to various traces like blemishes or marks and covers tiny blemishes with brush edge.
As its Japanese artificial hair is made flat, it has great flexibility and helps applying without floating.
Many artists use this as eyeliner brush as it connects even thin lines well.
You can control line thickness according to brush angle.
It doesn’t stimulate eye as the brush edge is very soft.

12. 239
Eyeshadow brush-goat hair
: If you checked well till this, you might reach white-haired brush orderJ
#239 express perfectly with just one touch and gradation.
It performs great coloring without powder floating with its strong hair catching powder particles very well.
It’s most popular product because it is must-have as it is great to apply base color.
You can blend with lying it down or apply point color with tipping it. You can also express the under.

13. 501
Lip brush-Japanese artificial hair
It gets sharp along the hair and you can color even tiny parts while smoothing evenly.
You can color perfectly by pushing lightly.
Some artists use it as concealer brush, it’s because it covers well with its great flexibility.

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