Monday, August 13, 2012

Selection of Highlighter brush

Eye shadow brush, selecting like an expert

1.Check products that I usually use

-cream, liquid, jell type highlighter : 14synthetic, 188
14 synthetic is 100% Japanese artificial hair, #188 is composed of artificial hair and natural hair.
These are proper to use also with powder type, not only with moist products, and artists prefer 14 synthetic.

-powder type highlighter : 13, 14pony, 107, 168, 703

2. Consider part that you want to apply highlighter and touching style.
-touching wide parts like forehead, temple, front cheek, beside mouth lightly : 107, 168, 703
Just sweep parts with one touch.

-touching precisely narrow parts like dark circle, nose, and chin : 13, 14pony
#13 can be used as eye base brush on wide eyehole.

-making eyebrow look clear by touching eyebrow bone and around eyebrow : 203
It’s flat, trapezium brush.
You can express eyebrow perfectly with highlighting precisely eyebrow bone with eye shadow brush size.

3. I rarely use cream type highlighter and I use hand when using it.
I prefer using powder type highlighter, and what might be proper brush for beginners?
: 14pony and #107 are easy to use. #107 is proper for fast and easy touch.
If you have delicate makeup style, start with 14pony.

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