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Now, spring comes.

Orange and pink is essential color in spring.
Especially orange is enough color for giving sweet and cute feeling.
Shu Uemura m44 got a sudden popularity thanks Aoi Yu, a Japanese actress.
The popularity was not that great when Choi-Gang-Hee (Korean actress) wore it.

It burst after Aoi Yu wore it.

If you want to be looking lovely like Aoi Yu, Shu Uemura m 44 and 


It gives skin freshness with texture blusher brush of matt (M) and Pearl (P)

-Chic Blusher giving skin greshness
-Matt for natural look and Pearl for fresh look

It's representative product in Shu Uemura.
M Peach 44
Many notice it with name 'Aoi Yu' blusher, not with its actual name.
Aoi Yu effect is that great.
Shu Uemura should be thankful for Aoi Yu.
Or the opposite could be fact.
Aoi Yu got way cuter image by this one.
It's matt product without pearl.
So it is expressed more mild and clearly.
Pearl might make blemishes stand out, but m44 doesn't have this danger.
But notice that this can't give moist feeling.

I never heard of a blusher that have low coloring, 
it has quite good coloring.
In spite of its name orange, it looks light as it is close to peach.
It's easy to look dowdy with orange color, but as Shu Uemura m44 is peach color, 
it doesn't look dowdy.
Color control is able with touch, so covering several times can make it highlighted.
As it is pure color, it doesn't go well with smoky makeup or deep makeup.
M44 is even better when used in natural makeup or naked face makeup.

Men like lovely and natural makeup than strong one, so it can be used on blind date 
or daily life.
It doesn't give mature feeling.
If you want to look younger, think what product can make you highlighted.

Shu Uemura case is so beautiful.

Jenny House Lim Mi-Hyun director - Shin Se-Gyung, Park Jin-Hee, Yoo Ha-Na, 
Jung Sun-Gyung, Kim Yu-Na, Jang Shin-Young, Hwang Jung-Min, 
Yoon Soi (Korean actresses)

: "Piccasso Makeup Brush no.702 has so soft hair so it can be used on sensitive skin.
   I use it many times as it can work as powder and blusher shading."

It's a blusher brush made of Eurasian Red Squirrel hair.
Sensitive people love this hair.

It's softer than silk.
As dowdy products are expressed naturally, people who like natural makeup lover 
to use it.
Its soft hair smoothed particle evenly so beginners would be fascinated by it.
As the hair is cut well, it also catches pearl fairly well.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.702 has great quality like it has various usages including powder blusher and highlighter shading.

(Just, it is best to use in only one usage.)
It's flat so it's proper for tapping

Black handle is also very attractive.


Piccasso Makup Brush no.702 will help expressing lovelier.

Shu Uemura m peach no.44 is good for express lovely and cute feeling, 
so it's better to use it naturally.
As it's from Shu Uemura, the coloring is guaranteed.
So, why use a strong brush?
It;s better to apply evenly, of course.
Its Eurasian red squirrel hair is soft, needless to say.

Shu Uemura m 44 is good to be applied lightly entirely on cheeks, 
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.702 is sized just as check, and 
so lightly sweeping completes a perfect makeup.

Extremely Easily

Beginners can use it easily as it doesn't color excessively.
It doesn't mean it colors less, it colors naturally.

You have a sensitive skin?
Don't worry it is Eurasian Red Squirrel hair.

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