Wednesday, January 11, 2012

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Used products
Mac eye shadow - Tartan Tale Collection
A Wish Come True

Used Makeup Brush
Piccasso Makeup Brush 
Eye shadow no.239 


Mac Holiday Tartan Tale Collection / A Wish Come True

Among Mac's Tartan Tale Collections, A Wish Come True strongly gives off its ladyishness.

As this Tartan Tale patterned Tartan Tale has different pink tone on each line, 
you can see various color in one product.
Well, it feels like velvet... It's a smooth product with delicate pearl.
What makes eye line ladyish is the harmony of luxurious color and 
smooth texture, as this is deep Indie pink, not bright pink.

It's more proper to use it as a main color than a bass color and smooth texture, 
as this is deep Indie pink, not bright pink.

Just, although each line has different color, 
it doesn't mean that you can express various colors.
It's just for upgrading one's aesthetic sense.

Ways to make a more fruitful use of Mac Holiday 
Tartan Tale Collection A Wish Come True

Like I mentioned before, it's proper to express coloring on eye with one color, 
rather than using it as a point or a base color.
So, it's good to express this smooth texture, rather than just expressing naturally.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.239 is smooth goat hair product and it's perfect for expressing pearl, color, and original texture. 
So it's widely used for base coloring.
When applying the under the eye part, 
sweeping lightly with the side part would work successfully, 
One color for one brush - It must be a great harmony.
it's perfect for expressing pearl,color and original texture.

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