Thursday, January 12, 2012

Semi-smoky makeup, Mac Eye Shadow Bronze, Piccasso Makeup Brush no.302

Semi-Smoky makeup, Mac Eye Shadow Bronze, 
Piccasso Brush no.302, Makeup brush recommendation.

Mac Eye shadow Bronze

It's essential in semi-smoky and it's deep and shiny brown.
It's very good in expressing deeper eye line by giving a point to eyelid and under makeup.

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Mac Eye Shadow

Used Makeup Brush

Coloring & Makeup Brush for it

Mac Eye Shadow / Bronze

People who enjoy brown pointed semi-smoky should focus on it, 
as it upgrades deep and sophisticated feeling rather than strong eye line.
It's darker than usual bronze, and red toned pearl is seen delicately.
It might be though to be weak for pointer, but considering coating it several times,
it's recommended for people who enjoy semi-smoky.
As red color stands out under lighting, it would make a very attractive eye line.

In case of Mac Eye Shadow Bronze, to (relatively chubby) Korean eye line, 
giving a point widely can make eyes look swollen, 
so it's good to it intensively on eyelid and under the eye part.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.302 is a narrow and flat style, 
so it's good to apply on eyelid and under the eye part.
In case of deep color, Flown powder can make the under eye part dirty.
As Piccasso Makeup Brush no.302 has smooth and strong marten hair, 
so it enables precise coloring and minimizes powder flying.
Just coating products on the edge of Piccasso Makeup Brush no.302 
and sweeping lightly would work.
As it enables subtle touch, it's also very good to add deep color after drawing eye line.

Piccasso Makeup no.302 is considered the BEST among eye point makeup brushes.
As it's flat but not too flat, it's perfect for connecting subtle parts and adding deeper colors after drawing eyeliner.
So it's called multi player among pointers.

Like there are ones who draw eye lines using jell-typed and pencil-typed eyeliner,
it's also very useful in expressing natural eye line. 
(Just, using moist and oily products much can ruin the brush, because it's natural hair)
Sun - Soo Mika director, who do makeup of Kim Won-Hee, Kim Mee-Suk, Hyun Bin,
Alex(Korean top actor and actresses) said, 
"I enjoy using it as it is smooth without stimulation and colors great without flying powder.
 I can express in various ways by laying or erecting the brush."
People enjoy tear-effect makeup with shadow or pearl these days, 
and no other brush is more appropriate than Piccasso Makeup Brush no.302 for this~!

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