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Want clean and smooth celebrities skin?

There might be few which give surprising effect like concealer does.
Concealer products.
Among Shu Uemura products, which have various lines from cleanser to basic base, 
Pro Concealer is gaining constant popularity by its perfect covering.
It's little matt, but it can be controlled with mixing.
With the harmony of Piccasso Makeup Brush proof line's various sizes and 
Shu Uemura's Pro Concealer, it's not difficult to express perfect skin.

Concealer for covering wide part flaw like blemishes
-covers skin flaws and dark circle naturally and perfectly
-expresses moist with its deep ocean water

Shu Uemura Pro Concealer gained its popularity as artist use it most among concealers.
It has various colors with its perfect covering.
As Shu Uemura itself has fabulous base and cleanser, there's no need to doubt.
But some say its matt is the flaw.
It's greedy to expect a concealer to be moist with this degree of covering.
I want to ask them if they would use cake-typed product alone.
Cake-typed products can be matt so it should be mixed with your own foundation.
This way, you can prevent it from floating over skin plus its covering and sustainability.

If you think that cake-typed product are all same, your're wrong!
Although they are all matt, they have subtle differences in sustainability and 
covering between brands.
Women who ever have done makeup might know : the subtle difference makes a huge difference.

The size looks quite want at first.
I think it was since 4years ago.
I was angry with its shrunk size, but the size doesn't matter with general-sized face.
You can prevent skin trouble only if you use products
(including oily ones)only for from 6months to 1year.
Keeping  it for years is not a good idea.
It costs more money and time with worsened skin.
It covers well with small amount and it is more portable as it's small.
It is also wise to share it with friend if you have an empty container.

Pro Concealer has various sizes, 3YR(Medium LIght) 5YR(Medium Light), 
7YR(Light) Basically 5YR and 7YR might be proper for traditional oriental skin.
5YR is for brighter skin or brighter makeup.
7YR (Medium Light) might be good for ones that enjoy using#21 or 
#23 or ones that do makeup following  to one's skin tone.
7YR(Medium)is good for dark makeup.

Like I said, it should not be used alone.
It's good to be mixed with products you used.

Piccasso Makeup Proof line was given bright for perfect covering and smoothing.

Piccasso Proof line Concealer Brush

These are Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof line that will be shown often 
when introducing concealer products.
I'm little shy to show only advantages of this brush.
But it's matchless, actually (entirely).
As it has various sizes, various parts can be covered with only one concealer.
There's also a very narrow brush that can cover spot on face.
Jung Sam-Mul Inspiration shop which in responsible of top star's makeup has 
all the products in Proof line.

For clear and clean skin, not only concealer product but also proper brush is needed.
For example, when cover a pimlpe skin, one with various proper brushes will cover better than one with only one brush.
Techniques is also important.
But, proper tool can cover the short technique.
Selecting a brush that is appropriate for one is the way of using brushes variously and perfectly.

Proof 06 is for touching foundation lightly, covering freckle, or for tone-down, 
and Proof 07 is for covering wide part at once.
Proof 08 for dark circle and Proof 09 for skin troubles.
Proof 12,Proof 13, Proof 14 is good to use after selecting the size according to the 
part you cover.
You should consider your trouble size, and whether you need to tone-down when selecting a brush.

[ Piccasso Makeup Brush Way to use Proof line brush ]

When Shu Uemura Pro Concealer's and Proof line's diverseness,
They synergy effect~! Wow~

The reason for buying a hard product is for covering.
So it's natural to selected a brush that is for better covering and sustainability.
The reason why people use brush instead of hand when applying a concealer is that perfect covering is possible with that way.
But, using brush in a wrong way can be worse than not using it.
Especially, concealer & foundation brush has a definite likes and dislikes. 
One who like these are addicted to it more than drug while ones who don't even touch the brushes.
The reason why this happens is Amount control!!!!!
You cannot emphasize it too much.
Hard products like Shu Uemura can make products float over skin.
It can make people with weak skin discouraged.
But in case of hard products, mixing foundation and concealer in the rate of 3:7 helps good smoothing sustainability.
3:7(foundation and concealer)is ideal in point of covering, but when applying widely, 5:5 is good.

Base products are different following the skin and condition.
It's good to select the rate while controlling the rate.
Consider both covering and sustainability.

For having a concealer-free skin^^

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