Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mac eye shadow, smoky makeup, semi-smoky makeup, ways to do a semi-smoky makeup, makeup brush recommendation

Mac eye shadow

Smoky makeup
Semi-smoky makeup

Mulch,Soba,Tempting are ones store staffs recommend when people say 
"I'm looking for ones for smoky makeup." 
People, who want smoky makeup, please focus this posting!


Used product
Mac eye shadow

Used makeup brush

Coloring & Proper makeup Brush

Mac eye shadow / Mulch

It's called original brown color, and it's perfect for smoky makeup.
It is warm toned brown color and it perfectly goes well Korean skin color.

Either on smoky makeup or on semi-smoky makeup, 
widely used or narrowly used it can be used easily although it's not a plain color, 
as the color is quite attractive.
I think it's because the texture is velvet.
Velvet line products make strong color look tender.

Mac has various textures, so please consider the texture when buying a product.

Mulch becomes far more attractive when mixed with other color or highlighted.
When used as a point on eyelid or the under, it makes clear and even mellow eye line.

It's good to use with Piccasso Makeup Brush no.239S  
As Piccasso Makeup Brush no.239S is half-circle and its mohair is strong and short, it makes coloring precise and minimizes the powder flying.
Also, by using only this enables various usages as it has slim side edge.

When doing a smoky makeup, you can express color easily by lightly sweeping eye hole  with product applied on one side.
At this point, you can express gradation easily by spreading the color with the brush edge.

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.239S has short and dense hair.
As its hair is strong and flexible, it catches powder particle well and its coloring is outstanding.
It is best when expressing thick color so it's proper for smoky makeup.
Smoothing basic color with wide part and highlighting or blending with slim part completes perfect eye makeup.

It is same product as Piccasso Makeup Brush no239B, the size is different.(239B>239S)

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