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Mac Russian Red

It feels matt all ove lip.
It might be very proper explanation for Russian Red.
Red Lipstick is uncomfortable to use as an everyday product as it is used for expressing sexy lip of actresses on red carpet.
People do even smoky makeup, why can't they use red lipstick?
It's a woman's right to challenge 'new'.

Classical sexy

The aurora that comes from matt red is breathtaking.
Russian Red broken the bias that red is only for white skin.
And Piccasso Makeup Brush no.501 applies it perfectly.

Anyone who don't have a skill in eye makeup and want to express arrogant feeling 
with unusual maekup, should focus on

Mac Russian Red & Piccasso Makeup Brush no.501 

This lipstick express attractive lip with various textures and colors.
It expresses lip color with outstanding coloring.
Vietnam ingredient makes lip moist.

Colour plus texture for the lips, Stands out on the runway.
Simmers on the street!
What made M.A.C famous.

Russian Red

Matt and intense red
It's Mac's best product and it makes people want to try on.
Some with worry about floating and dryness are said to be totally attracted after trying it.

I doubt it be this popular if it was more pure or moist.
It is matt and the color is deep enough.
It's the charm of this.
It enable not only chic lip color might expression like Kim Hye-Soo (Korean Top Actress) 
but cute lip expression like Hwang Jung-Eum(Korean Top Actress) 
by taking tint role highlighting inside the lip.
If you worry that the actual color might be different from seeing, please don't!
This is one is perfectly same!
As this is extremely matt, people with many dead skin cells have to use it with lip brush 
or a lip balm.
If you want to try red color, I strongly recommend this one!
It's not recommended for people who like moist.

Jenny House Suh Hah director - responsible in makeup of Han Ji-Min, Kim Ji-Hun, 
Brown Eyed Girls(Korea Top Stars)

: "Although Piccasso Makeup Brush no.501 is little heavier than concealer brush, 
   but I use it most as this one covers dark circle or any blemishes.
   I enjoy using it also when applying lipstick."

From moist lip gloss to martt color, it is best as it expresses any lip products perfectly.
It highlights the feature of each product very well, so it's also good for beginners.

Enough width, enough thickness, and flexibility show its perfectness.
As it sticks very well, pro artists use it also as a concealer brush.
It is made of Japanese  artificial hair which expresses softness like natural hair, 
so sensitive lips are also good to use.
And, I want to advice for women who are sensitive with lip makeup!
"Flexible lip brush is excellent for drawing a lip line!"

I feel little regretful when seeing people who have all kind of brush 
but use interior brush when using lip products.

Lip makeup needs a lip brush actually.

Russian Red and Piccasso Makeup Brush no.501

First - applied with finger
Second - applied with Piccasso Makeup Brush no.501

The reason the two are extricable is that Piccasso Makeup Brush no.501 highlight Russian Red 
matt feeling  and perfect color formation.
The matt is also the best and worst part of Russian Red.
People with many dead cells on lip or worry about floating might have hardship in using it.
As Piccasso Makeup Brush no.501 is very flexible product, 
it expresses matt product like Russian Red perfectly.
It's good to apply with side part when drawing a lip line.
It's also used in tint effect with tapping.

A needle and thread
It's the best work explaining Russian Red and Piccasso Makeup Brush no.501

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