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Mac Tartan Tale Eye Shadow 
Glamora Castle

Mac Tartan Tale Limited Edition
Glamora Castle was a hot icon in 2010.
As there are few dark colors in Mac Tartan Tale line, people who like smoky makeup bought this.
Although all mac's limited edition  worth keeping, this Tartan Tale product is said to be a great luck.
The harmony of khaki, gray, and blue.

Used product

Mac Eye Shadow
Tartan Tale Limited Edition
Glamora Castle

Used Makeup Brush

Piccasso Makeup Brush 
[ Eye point ] No.709 

Coloring & Proper Makeup Brush

Mac eye shadow / Tartan Tale / Glamora Castle

It is Tartan eye shadow of compact powder formula, Tartan design is carved on it.
It blends well and it attaches to skin without powder flying, giving soft and creamy feeling like velvet.
Glamora Castle is one of 6 colors.
As it is darkest among the 6 colors, so it's proper for smoky makeup.
They call it fantasy world mixed with Scottish traditional Tartan color and pattern.
Certainly it's most attractive in appearance.
Mac seems to decide to show their 'classic' feeling, in that they released 2 Tartan Tale lines.

It's hard to explain Glamora Castle's color in one word.
Dark gray? Dark khaki?
First, I though it dark khaki, but it also look like dark gray.

So here's my solution, khaki-toned deep gray.
Compared to other brands, it actually applies in color it seems.
The color is delicate gray, and gold pearl makes it even more delicate.
It is different from other product in that its gold pearl stays long.
It is way more beautiful than seeing.
If someone decides to buy it in order to use that blue color, I would tell her not to.
It's never easy to use only that color, and it disappears after some touch.

Like I said, Glamora Castle is khaki-toned gray, so it could make dark circle stand out.
So, for people with dark circle, it's good to highlight the under or eyelid line. 
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.709 is best brush among eye point brush.
As it's flat and wide, it's not only good to use as point but to widely apply.
So, it's proper to apply products that can be used as point or are widely applied like Glamora Castle.
Its strong kolinsky hair paints the color well, and as it's soft, it's proper for sensitive eyes~!
It's so flat the delicate touch is possible... It's the best point brush ever~! 

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.709  

This eye point brush is for delicately expressing perfect coloring and it is manufactured for implementing various techniques.
Its flexible and strong hair enables precise eye lines and makes drawing narrow lines easy.
It can be used on many parts including eye line, and it's proper for sensitive skin as it has kolinsky hair.

Ways to use Piccasso Makeup Brush no.709 

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