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Mac Eye Shadow
Leopard Luxe

Clean eye makeup 
Warm and chic eye makeup expression 

It's newly released as 2010 Mac Cat Edition.
Like Palace Pedigreed, it's for autumn smoky makeup.
Fabulous Felines collection has arrogant figure and beauty.
It said to be inspired from cat in that cat not only is arrogant but has intense charisma.
It has delicate shade and texture.

As it is matt texture, you may feel charisma from it.

Used Product

Mac eye shadow 
Leopard Luxe

Used Makeup Brush

Piccasso Makeup Brush 

[ Eye Base] no.205 
[ Eye Shadow ] no.206 
[ Eye Smudge ] no.208  
[ Eye Point ] no.709 

Coloring & Proper Makeup Brush

Mac Eye Shadow / Autumn Collection / Leopard Luxe
Mac Autumn Collection
Fabulous Felines

Excellent harmony of natural blending with chic eye line.
Leopard Luxe is sub-collection of 'Fabulous Felines' which is inspired by cat in that it not only is arrogant but has intense charisma.
Complete attractive look with exotic cream gold and brown color.
Leopard Luxe collection mat look little fierce, but it is very ladyish, actually.
Express both sensual sensitivity and dramatic power with collection color.

It's explanation of Mac.
What I agree most is 'look little fierce, but it is very ladyish'~!
From orange to dark color, it looks to be proper only for smoky makeup, 
but when applying orange and dark color, it emits feminine beauty as it is way more delicate.
It's pearl so fine that  it goes well with anybody, although it's dark.

First color
It's used as an eye base, and the color is orange, close to matt brown tone.
'Brown without red' might be proper explanation for it.
It makes eye line mellow by making a shadow rather than expressing the color.
The tone itself doesn't give coloring and it can make eyes look dug, 
so sweeping lightly is better than coating it several times.
Let's use Piccasso Makeup Brush no.205 which has mild hair and smoothes colors well.
As its gray squirrel hair is strong enough and soft, it's proper when using shadow 
and the size is also good for coloring entirely on eyes.
Even more, it doesn't stimulate sensitive eyes... how can it be better?

Second color
It's proper to use as a main product.
It gives way more delicate feeling as its delicate orange color is well harmonized 
with very minute gold pearl.
It has no thick pearl particle so it's also good for ones who don't like pearl.
Applying this color after drawing eye line completes natural makeup.
For this one as, smoothing the color naturally is better than just coloring in makeup 
the most of the color, Piccasso Makeup Brush no.206 is perfect.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.206 is made of gray squirrel hair, 
and connecting the colors, gradation, and smoothing naturally, 
not coloring, is the main purpose for this.
So it's very popular among people who like natural makeup.
Sweeping lightly from eyelid to eye hole with Piccasso Makeup Brush no.206 can express the color easily.

Third color
It is written 'middle-toned brown with old pearl', but it's more close to gray than brown.
Gold pearl over the color is attractive.
I think it makes the color unique.


The pearl spread over the color is fantastic, but the problem is, the pearl fades away as time goes.
Like I said before, its gray color is proper for highlighting.
Spreading the color naturally with Piccasso Makeup Brush no.208 might be fantastic.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.208 is smudge product and it's different from other product in that it minimized the power by widening the intervals between hairs.
Among smudge brushes, it's good for people who want color connection or gradation rather than using it as a point.
It's best for using for color blending~!
Rolling lightly with product coated on the edge of the hair would work.

Fourth color 
It is gray color close to black and has delicate pearl on it.
It's very deep gray color.
It's too weak to call it black.
As the color itself is deep if you like smoky makeup, it's good to apply on the under.
As Piccasso Makeup Brush no.709 is flat and wide, it's good to coat after drawing eye line, 
and apply on the under.
It's the best brush as its kolinsky hair is strong and soft.
You might know kolinsky hair has the least powder flying.

Makeup Brush - Piccasso Makeup Brush no.205, no.206, no.208, no.709

Kim Chung-Gyung director of Kim Chung-Gyung Hair Face said, 
"It's possible to sweep with one side and to roll when using Piccasso Makeup Brush no.205.
It paints color naturally and beautifully."
It leads to natural makeup.
It's round and flat eye shadow brush and its hair catches particles well 
so it colors perfectly without stains.
Many artists like this as it has little powder flying and it is perfect sized for smoothing  eyes base.

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.206 can be used with one side and is manufactured for natural 
and good looking color expression.
It's square, thick and round-edged eye brush and its strong and soft gray squirrel hair catches particle very well and enables best color expression.
It's enough size for not only painting shadow color but point color.
It's good to sweep lightly or blending with.

Lim Su-Yoon director from Jenny House who talking care of 
Han Ji-Hye, Cha Ye-Ryun, Han Ji-Min said, (Korean Top actress)
"Piccasso Makeup no.208 is narrow and round so it's perfect for point makeup!
It's eye makeup mate I use when draw edge of eye line."
It's special in that it's good for blending and the coloring is very natural.
It is widely used for gradation effect but gradation can be expressed more perfectly 
with reduced hair hardness.

Ways to use Piccasso Makeup Brush no.205, no.206, no.208, no.709


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