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Mav Tartan Tale eye shadow
Follow Your Fantasy

Chic Woman Makeup

It's the world indicating Kim Sa-Rang's makeup who took the role of a chic woman in Secret Garden (popular Korean drama).
Among Mac Tartan tale series, it seems to be best color for chic woman makeup.

Used product
Mac eye shadow 
Tartan Tale limited edition 
Follow Your Fantasy

Used makeup brush
Piccasso Makeup Brush 
[Eye shadow] no.239 

Coloring & Proper Makeup Brush

Mac eye shadow / Tartan Tale / Follow Your Fantasy

You might think deep shadow and semi-smoky makeup on eye line, when you think of
chic woman makeup.
Using pink or orange tone can express arrogant, not strong , eye makeup.
Follow Your Fantasy in Tartan Tale Line. 
It's enough to use to as a one-door, but when used as main color in semi-smoky makeup it completes more arrogant eye makeup.

Warm Peach Color 

It's a not bright color.
It looks little swollen when applied on eyes.
As this product focuses on color rather than pearl,  light touch expresses the color precisely.
As it contains red, gold, pink pearl on it, extra pearl is not needed.

Pearl and the color can be expressed more perfectly with 
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.239.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no. 239 is contains smooth and strong mohair, so it's good to express both delicate and thick pearl and the coloring.
It was made aimed for using with ring finger, 
so lightly sweeping can express precise color.
Using side edge, delicate touch and applying under shadow is possible.

Makeup Brush - Piccasso Makeup Brush no.239

It's manufactured to be used with ring finger, which is best among fingers in applying products with.
It is circle shaped and flexible, one touch can express fast and perfect shadow makeup with gradation.
As its hair is strong it catches powder particles well and it expresses the color very well without powder flying.
It's proper in using basic colors and it's a MUST-HAVE item among user.

Blending it with laying it or standing it up enable expressing point color and under. 

[Ways to use Makeup Brush no.239]

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