Tuesday, January 3, 2012

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Mac limited edition
Golden Crown from Tartan Tale line came into a spotlight in September 12th magazine.

Some who knows how to do a makeup fairly well might have checked this carefully.
They might have been attracted by the Tartan check pattern, let alone the coloring and texture.
So, various products was released in this limited editions.


Used product 
Mac eye shadow
Tartan Tale limited edition 
Golden Crown 

Used makeup brush

Coloring & Proper makeup brush

Mac eye shadow / Tartan Tale Limited Edition / Golden Crown

Golden Crown 
What a bombastic name~!
The coloring is far from its name.
Like I always  have said before, good coloring doesn't guarantee its quality.
As its coloring isn't that strong and pearl was expressed by gold pearl,
Gold might be more proper name for this.
It's bright gold.
As shown on the picture, the coloring is light.
Just, it looks more solid than picture.
That's because delicate pearl is harmonized well with gold pearl.

People who want gold colored eye line might be little disappointed with this.
It's proper for people who want to express delicate gold-toned pearl. 

It's good to sweep lightly to either smoky or natural makeup.
Spreading the pearl evenly is the point in applying Gold Crown, 
because it's not a shadow for coloring.
To spread the pearl evenly, a makeup, clean eye line with Piccasso eyelash and lightly applied Gold Crown would catch men's eyes. 

Piccasso makeup brush no206A is for ones with sensitive eyes and need delicate touch, and is born for natural coloring.
It's specially manufactured for fabulous stickiness and even coloring.
Its smooth Eurasian Red Squirrel hair is very proper for sensitive skin.
Using sharp edge and slim side edge, delicate expression on eyelid and under part is possible.
You can apply point color and adjust the color easily by controlling the painting angle.

It's the one that Artist Kim Mi-JIn who is talking care of  makeup of Lee Young-Ae
(Korean top actress) requested.
And its sizes come in 205a > 206a > 207a 

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