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Party Makeup, Club Makeup, Smoky Makeup, Sexy Makeup

MAC Eye Shadow 
Palace Pedigreed

Party Makeup / Edge Makeup
Soft Smoky Makeup Expressing Feminine Beauty

Palace Pedigreed is 2010 autumn collection product and as it expresses autumn feminine beauty, it's proper for soft autumn smoky makeup.
And as the composition of the 4 is well harmonized, it goes very well with Party Makeup.

Used product

Mac eye shadow
Palace Pedigreed

Used Makeup Brush

Piccasso Makeup Brush  

Piccasso Makeup Brush [Eye shadow] 205A 

Piccasso Makeup Brush [Eye shadow] 208A 

Piccasso Makeup Brush [Eye point] 307  

Coloring & Proper Makeup Brush

Mac Eye Shadow / Autumn Collection / Palace Pedigreed

Express soft autumn smoky makeup to upgrade your feminine beauty.
It's aimed for autumn mood.
As it is dark, it adds heavy feeling.
With lavender and gray color, it gives autumn mood.
I like its composition harmonized of brown with delicate gold pearl, dark berry color,
tone-downed lavender color, chic gray tone.
Entirely the color can make mellow and deep eye line.

Just, if you want to look younger, it's not recommended.
Autumn makeup, smoky makeup themselves are far from looking younger, among them, this one definitely is.
It's just god for expressing luxurious, mellow, and chic feeling.

First color
Pink shadow that I use as an eye base looks tone-downed pink but when applied actually, it is way darker.
It's almost gray.
It's pink but it's hard to apply.
It's hard to use it only as an eye base and it's good to use in order to get rid of swollen feeling on eyes, by sweeping it.
In this case, as only applying it evenly and naturally can express clear feeling, products with Eurasian red squirrel fur like Piccasso Makeup Brush No.205a is proper.
Eurasian red squirrel's fur itself is tender and it is made with maximizing softness 
so it express color naturally. 

Second color
It's proper to use as a main color.
It's dark berry and it looks like dark ink or bright purple.
This one also gives tone-downed feeling.
It never makes eyes look swollen, so it's attractive to Korean people.
As it goes with my Korean-traditional eyes, it seems to be perfect for people with chubby eyes.
It seems to be enough to use in one color, as its opal pearl gives delicate feeling.
This one is not very different in color or texture, it's good to express products by sweeping eye hole with Piccasso Makeup Brush No.205a.

Third Color
Tone-downed lavender color
It's proper to highlighter eyelid rather than applying widely.
As it contains gold pearl, it makes eye line look sexy. 
As the texture itself is matt, it's good to give heavy and chic feeling.
The color is thick and the coloring is strong, so you have to care about gradation.
It's better to select eye smudge products than general eye shadow brush.
Among eye smudge brushes, ones which have round edge and hair strong enough to express precisely and gradates well like Piccasso Makeup  Brush no.208a is proper.
As it has round edge, rolling with connecting eyelid and eyehole makes completes easy gradation.

Forth color 
Chic gray tone.
It's real matt gray, but it's not pretty.
'Deep and dark pigeon color' might be more proper name than gray.
Touching repeatedly makes dark color but it's not enough to name it gray.
As the color is matt, it would be good when applied entirely on eyelid line, and
go well with deep smoky makeup.
Some might coat it with gradation deeply after drawing eye line, but it's not recommended.
It has no meaning in using this way.
When you want to highlight on eyelid line, rolling product with brushes that are 
round-edged and has strong hair like Piccasso Makeup Brush no.208a is good.
And when you want to highlight with deep color after drawing eye line on the under, 
using Piccasso Makeup Brush no.307  is good.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.307  has tender and weak Eurasian red squirrel hair and made to be proper to point shadow so it's good to gradate delicate part.
Most point eye shadow brushes are too hard to gradate, but 
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.307 makes color gradation possible.  

Makeup Brush - Piccasso Makeup Brush 205A, 208A, 307

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.205A is for sensitive eyes and delicate touch and manufactured for natural and even coloring.
It's wide and round shaped and specially made for attaching powder and even coloring
so its soft hair is proper for sensitive skin.
Smoothing basic color on entire eyes using flat shape is good and delicate expression 
on eyelid and the under is possible with sharp edge and slim side edge.
Kim Mi-Jin vice director who is taking care of makeup of Lee Young-Ae (Korean top actress) requested this.
[ 205A > 206A > 207A ] Only the size is different.

Piccasso Makeup Brush no208A is purposed for precise coloring without powder flying and made for natural blending and highlighting.
Its Eurasian red squirrel hair is cut short so it catches product's particle well 
so it's good to express.
It's good to express precise color without powder flying, let alone its outstanding coloring.

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.307 is short and round-edged eye point brush caring both 
softness and precise coloring, for sensitive eyes.
As coloring is most important thing in point brush, strong natural hair is preferred.
But , this one is manufactured with soft Eurasian red squirrel hair for sensitive eyes.
It's good for point color, spread-looking gradation, and delicate expression is possible
with using the brush edge.
Attractive eye line can be expressed without stimulation on the under part with soft hair.

Ways to use Piccasso Makeup Brush 205A, 208A, 307

[Piccasso Makeup Brush Instructions]

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