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MAC Mineralize, Mineralize Eye shadow, Makeup Brush recommendations, Luxurious Eye Makeup

Mac Mineralize Eye Shadow Trio
"In The Groove Collection" Soften the Moon

Mac's limited edition
Mac has so many 'limited editions', but this outstanding among cosmetic brands.

In The Groove Collection's Soften The Moon 
It's in Mac Mineralize line, and it has transparent and light texture and smooth feeling,
with outstanding coloring.
Luxurious coloring of this was emphasized.

Used product
Mac Eye shadow
Mineralize "In The Groove Collection"
Soften The Moon

Used Makeup Brush
Piccasso Makeup Brush 
Eye Shadow - No.206, 207, 208  

Coloring & Proper Makeup Brush For It

Mac Eye Shadow / "In The Groove" Soften The Moon

Soften The Moon
It's Mac's limited edition, again.
I think there are too many 'limited' ones in Mac.

According to Mac's instruction,
It's explained as a 3 color Mineralize Eye shadow of pure coloring and delicate color.
What do they mean by pure coloring?
I understood it after I actually tired it.
It goes with saying "pure coloring means little coloring"
Little coloring doesn't mean that is a bad shadow.
If it colors very well, it would be way harder to apply.

(To take this image for example)

First no. sky blue-toned shadow is close to white with delicate pearl.
The color is weaker than it looks, so it's easy to apply.
It's good to use as an eye base, and natural makeup is more proper than smoky makeup for it.
Just, apply it little bit over the eye hole.
It's good to use Piccasso Makeup Brush No.206 for it.
Piccasso Makeup Brush No.206 is made of gray squirrel's hair and it's good to 
apply light color as it colors smoothly and naturally.

Third no.color looks like brown color.
It's less 'red' than other products. (Picture is redder than it really is~!)
Although it's brown, it's hard to give strong expression with this.
It's good for express modern and  tender feeling. 
Um~ it's perfect for Chung Dam Dong Daughter In-Law look 
(Chung Dam Dong Daughter In Law - a korean word indicates modest woman)
I think it may go well with caramel coat.
So, although sky blue seems not to go well with brown, this harmony seems to work very well, as both are 'pure' colors.
It's good to apply on eyelid very lightly.
Piccasso Makeup Brush No.208 minimizes the strength of hair, so it connects it with base color well.

Second no. color is opal pink.
It can be burdensome to color entirely.
It seems that it should be used as a pointer, but how can you use this beautiful one only as a pointer?
It can be better to apply on the under.
It definitely contains much pearl, but as pearl is small, it gives fancy but not loud feeling . 
So it perfectly applies on the under.
Piccasso Makeup Brush enables delicate touch.
It's smallest among gray squirrel hair products, and it's good to highlight with pearl on the under and eye line.

Makeup Brush Products -  Piccasso Makeup Brush No.206, 207, 208

Piccasso Makeup Brush No.206 is made for natural and good-looking color.
As it is gray squirrel hair, the texture is very soft and the hair is strong so it catches product's particles well and  expresses best color.
It is proper size not only for basic shadow color also point color with sweeping lightly or blending.

Piccasso Makeup Brush No.208 is round-shaped smudge brush.
Lim Su-Yoon from Jenny House who takes care of makeup of Han Ji-Hye, Cha Hye-Ran, Han Ji-Min, Wang Hee-Ji (Korean top actresses) said, 
"As it is narrow and round, it's perfect for eyelid or point makeup.
I use it every time I draw eye line."
Relaxing the hair a bit makes more perfect gradation.

Piccasso Makeup Brush No.207  Oh Yun-Hee vice director of Jenny House, who takes care of makeup of Song Ji-Hyo, Go Jun-Hee (Korean top stars) said, 
"Piccasso Makeup Brush No.207's flexible hair expresses fresh color, so I use it for getting basic outline of connecting front eyebrow and nose."
It expresses fresh color and it helps make finest  color.
Its small size makes blending easy, let alone basic shadow color.

[Piccasso Makeup Brush Instruction]

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