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Ways to wash makeup brushes

Ways to wash makeup brushes

The best choice for real makeup~!
I'll tell you about washing brushes with brushes from the great family, Piccasso Makeup Brush.
There're little differences in washing between natural and artificial brushes.
Let's learn about it with some simple images.

Please bring a brush, detergents, tissue(for washing eyeliner brush), and sub acid eye bath lotion are usable.

There're differences in washing between natural hair and artificial hair.
In case of natural  hair,applying rinse after washing with detergent can uphold the smoothness for a long time.

And, in case of artificial hair, as it is used for moist and only products, the use of rinse is not recommended.

Natural hair- Wet brush in warm water and make subs on it by rolling it on palm with some detergent.
After making enough suds, repeat it about 1,2 times.


Be careful not the handle part touches water.


Natural hair- Wash it with clean water and after pushing it with little rinse (treatment), do a finishing wash.
Artificial hair - Wash it several times in clean water and do a finishing wash with running water.



Remove the remaining water and gather up the edge of the hair to prevent fur from splitting.



Rub the brush with a towel.


Coat eye remover on tissue and rub the hair with it by pushing lightly.
Repeat it until it gets clean.


Wipe the remaining oil (detergent) with a clean tissue.

Keep the washed brush in place that is shaded, and not wet.
After drying it for 1~2 days, use it after shaking it lightly.

In case of eyeliner brush, you can prevent brush from getting damaged only by washing it every time you use it.
When keeping it, erecting it is not necessary after wash.

In case of flat hair, keep it as its original shape rather than gathering it up by force.
And, in case of round hair, drying it up for longer time other brushes is recommended.

Piccasso Makeup Brush provides makeup services about ways of handling brush in 
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We are running free after-sales services on situations like separated handle.(Shipping fee extra.)
Likewise, our product's quality and services aim brush's semi-permanent use, so please experience the invariable value of Piccasso Makeup Brush through maintaining brushes well.

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