Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ways to choose a right makeup brush

When you buy brushes, do you choose ones your friends use?
There's brushes that match your face, or your style.

"Coloring" of a brush
It might be important for most people.
But, good coloring of a brush doesn't guarantee its quality.

If you're to get a brush for coloring, you must check if the hair strong.
Strong hair catches particles of products, so it helps coloring without powder flying.
In case of artificial hair, the hair is strong but it can cause stimulation to your skin.
So it needs caution.

Piccasso Brush set a principle of using natural hair except for brushes for liquid products.
We use goat's hair that is stronger than squirrel's 
or Eurasian red squirrel's for brushes for excellent coloring.
Or, we process smoother squirrel's 
and Eurasian red squirrel's hair to make them dense 
for brushes that catches make-up's particles better.

Shading that is made for light applying rather than coloring is made of weak and very smooth hairs.
Eurasian red squirrel's hair are used most for this.
Too strong shading brush is not a good one for beginners.

If your eye brush or powder brush feel rough, 
try strong natural hairs to lessen stimulation and strengthen the coloring. 

If you understand brushes well, full-set is unnecessary, 
and you can do every kinds of makeup with any brush.
It's because a brush has quiet various usages.

Knowing about brushes makes a makeup a pleasant thing.
You won't blame the tools.

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