Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Benefit High Beam

Benefit High Beam

I think Benefit High Beam is an issue among highlighters.
It's not only an issue but also its quality is fairly good.
High Beam, which is recognized as the best among Benefit goods, even caused the appearance of Moon Beam which is called the second High Beam.
High Beam is not a very watery one, and the amount control is essential as it's a pink-tone highlighter.
You might fail if you apply it without caution.
You must apply it on T-zone with Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof 06.
You may have celebrity's shiny face.

Super model in a small bottle~!
Pink pearl Riche highlighter is a secret weapon of makeup artists.
It gives delicate shine to all skin types.
Apply it on eyes, cheeks, nose, and chin.
For brighter skin, add some of moisturizer.

Anyone saw Get it Beauty may feel familiar with the brand Benefit.
In fact, Benefit is a sponsor of Get It Beauty and the MC, Yoo-jin is a model of  Benefit,
so it is natural that Benefit is shown from time to time.
After Yoo-jin became model of Benefit, the image and sales of Benefit might have soared.
Among Benefit products, High Beam is the most steady and popular one... 
It goes with Bene Tint, Dandelion, Dr. Feel good.
It gives powerful highlighter effect with small amount.

But the case is not satisfying.
Considering cream type products are good to use in a year, although there are few who use it up, but the difference between can't and don't is huge.
The brush isn't designed to use to the end. 
Well, it seems international. 
But the best point of the case is the portability.
As people doing a correction makeup increase, the advantage of portability looks bigger.
If small amount leads to quick running out, it may be a flaw but this gives maximized effect with small amount.
The pearl particle is not that small, and as they are spared well, it is better to use it as night, not daily.
As it has pink tone, tapping it under the eyes give bright feeling, and it gives fresh feeling.
pink and opal toned High Beam may emit a super laser if applied too much. 
So be careful~!!!
Unlike its rival, it is far from watery so mixing with foundation will be a good way.
Benefit High Beam completes the elasticity of the skin, which makes younger look.


Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof line was born in order for perfect covering and attachment with various size and design.

Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof no.06 

Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof Line is famous for concealer.
One who knows Piccasso Makeup Brush may know well about proof line.
But not only for concealer, is it a blush which is called multi-brush as it is usable for every cream-type products.
Among them, Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof 06 is the biggest size (as Proof 03 is discontinued).
As it is big as woman thumb, it is good for expressing small part like T-zone rather than wide part.
Also it is proper size for applying foundation mixed with concealer on parts need subtle touch like edge of nose.
High elasticity of proof line and soft fur gives sustainability.

The feature or artificial fur products is that it expresses pearl rather than the color.
Although highlighters have little color, they may contains colors, anyway.
If one wants to express pearl better, applying highlighter with artificial fur product may satisfy you.

In case of High Beam, applying small amount gives natural and certain feeling as it is pink and opal toned.
Moreover, as it is never a watery one, Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof 06 which helps this point is useful.

Many say it's difficult to choose a right brush, but it is easy when you know the feature of brushes.
As this is a posting about High Beam, the right brush would be one that can apply products that are not watery and are used in small amount.

First, it should be an artificial fur as it is a liquid product.
And it should be a size of not too big or small because it should apply small amount.
Considering these, Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof 06 is a perfect brush for this.
Coat it on one side of the brush and apply like sweeping lightly.

Control the amount by painting it several times.
As it's not a watery product, you can screw up the nail color if you paint it too much.

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