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Warm orange color.
Coral peach with gold pearl.
You may think good pearl is a bit excessive, but it makes smooth feeling as it contains small particles.
Its color changes depending on the angle the shines.
And the gold pearl adds profound feeling.

It also called as Lee Hyo-ri (One of top Korean entertainer) blusher.
Her use made it popular.
So people with dark skin want to try this.
it goes well with white skin, too

The color appears as its original color.

It's good to use as a daily product, but it's also perfect to use as a Mac style blusher when you do a fancy makeup.

 [ "It's more orange than the picture" ]

Some orange colors give pure and bright feelings, but Mac style blusher is a warm, burning type of orange color.
So dark or tanned skin appear sexy. 
Expressing it with a shading makes you healthy.

It's appears without particle wadding together.
Mac's coloring is wonderful,needless to say.

People may use blusher only as a blusher.
Try using it as an eye shadow because Mac Style
Blusher makes beautiful eye line makeup when you do a natural makeup.

Mac Style blusher is coral peach with, gold pearl so it's for sexy and healthy expression rather than lovely and cute expression.
So, it's better to apply like covering the face rather than apply on cheeks.
The coloring is powerful so it's good to apply small amount than usual.
So wide and less powerful brush like Piccasso makeup Brush no.702 rather than hard brush is recommended.
When brushing like embracing the side of face, using narrow brush can cause thick coloring which cannot be recovered.

Tap both cheek and gradate to backside and connect the color to both sides.
What is important in this point is not to apply  too much.
Just try to connect the color.
Make shading and blusher meet at the back side!
Shading after Mac style blusher makes the outline of face.

Mature blusher.
If you are interested in orange color, the starts should be 'Mac Style'.

Lim Mi-Hyun General Manager from Jenny House - Shin Se-Kyung, Park Jin-Hee, 
Yoon Ha-Na, Jung Sung-Kyung, Kim Yun-A, Jang Shin-Young, Yoon So-I (Korean entertainers.)
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.702 is fantastic in that its fur is so soft that I can makeup sensitive skin.

Bright coral peach with gold pearl.
Powder blush expresses natural chic with various color and light finish.
It brushes smoothly without splitting .
Also, it has great sustainability.

[Piccasso Makeup Brush Instruction]

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