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Benefit Posie tint

Benefit Posie tint

There's an old saying there's younger one better than the old  one 'No way Posie Tint surpasses its older one~!'

It's following series of Benefit Tint. 
Thanks to great popularity of Benefit Tint, series from posie tint to cha cha tint are released.
Benefit Tint gives liveliness, but Posie Tint is a pink tone and it gives femininie beauty and loveliness in contrast to formal series from 
If you like the feeling color sinking in you, should try it.

Posie tint uses brush-type applicator and it fills the intervals between wrinkles.
The hoof shape part is jell so it supplements lip wrinkle.
And it is good to elaborate coloring.

The color is weak so it's good for natural makeup, and it's also fine for no makeup face.
It's good to express ladyish and lovely feeling.
It doesn't give strong color so first users can use it easily.
If you don't apply lipstick and don't like sticky feeling or lip gloss, or don't like dry lip, Posie tint is highly recommended.

It's available for 12 months from opening .
You can use it for longer time unless you use it in large amount.

As colors tints, it's good to apply it fast.
Gradation after some time gap may ruin the makeup.

You can use Posie Tint not only for lip but as a blusher.
It's not  sticky and colors well.
Lighting coloring is prettier than strong one.
When you use it as a blusher, it's the main point to apply it lightly.


When applying Posie tint use a brush that is not that big.
Tint expresses better with gradation, so wide brush can ruin the makeup.
It's good to use narrow and long brush.
So Piccasso makeup no.506 lip brush is good for this.
As it's a natural fur product it's so soft that it doesn't stimulate weak lip at all.

Tap the inside of the lip!
Standing up the brush and sweeping makes finish.


If you are to purchase it, use it in various ways~!

Director Lee kyung-min of Lee kyung-min Foret - Choi Ji-woo,  Lee Young-ae, Kim Min-hee, Kim Hye-soo, Lee Hye-young, Jun Do-yun, Sim Eun-ha, Um Jung hwa.
Piccasso Makeup no506 Lip brush  and I have two to use one as a concealer brush.
It's a rectangular brush and it covers well and you can cover various blemishes if you use its surfaces.

Benefit Tint, the one took care of world's women's lip for 32 years now has a pretty sister 'Posie Tint'
Our new liquid jell formula sustains freshness for long time.
Let's get 3 year's younger with Posie Tint kiss on both cheek and lip.

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