Monday, December 26, 2011


Mac soft and gentle


MAC SOFT AND GENTLE brings your face a beautiful shine.

People may think that highlighters give deep expression and brightness on white background. 
But these days, with various textures, pearl, and marbling, it is possible to make unique expression
Among them, Mac Soft And Gentle expresses unusual feeling. 
It has fine gold pearl so it helps expressing skin smooth and its pink-toned gold color makes delicate highlighter finish.
As it’s gold, not white, you can express healthy feature, especially with dark skin.


People with white skin use highlighter without much consideration. 
But it can cause sunburn feeling besides its glittering effect. 
So it’s better to finish as a finishing makeup after blusher.
I didn’t mean you can use it as a blusher, it can give bouncy feeling when applied after blusher. 
Also, when in watery glittering makeup, few touches of Mac Soft And Gentle will brings a shine on your face. 


Mac Soft And Gentle has a real pearl and expressing this fully is the point of using it so making the best of the pearl is what matters.
So you need to choose the right brush for this. 
Artificial fur is better than natural fur in that it is good to express smooth feeling.
Highlighter has two types, pearl-centered and powder-centered. 
The former is good for expressing glittering and smooth feeling, and the latter has brightening effect.
Both have enough powder and fur. 
The difference is which is more focused. 
Piccasso Makeup Brush 14synthetic brush is an artificial product and is most popular among highlighter brush.
As an artificial fir, it expresses the pearl perfectly and helps applying compactly with its good flexibility.

When using it as a highlighter, touch T-zone and under the eye. 
As lightly applying base is getting popular, you may fail to apply successfully with a brush.
So lightly sweeping or tapping is good. When using it as a blusher, add small amount of Mac Soft And Gentle on blusher brush and sweep it lightly.

Multi-Mineralize Skin Finish. 
Use it according to skin tone and color.


What we love – Jenny House general manager Gwon – Byun Juns-su, Baek Seung-Hee, Lee Hye-Mi, Jewelry (Korean entertainers)
"Piccasso Makeup Brush 14synthetic is so flexible that I use it very much. It’s a bit thick but it covers delicately. "
It’s one of my favorite.

What we love – Mineralize Skin Finish contains mineral and it expresses delicate pearl, 
and it provides luxurious shine to skin with transparent covering and natural texture.

[Piccasso Makeup Brush Instruction]

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