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Tinted Moisturizer

Tinted moisturizer

Every Make up connected.
Obviously, nobody cared 'Tinted Moisturizer' a few month ago, but people are interested in it now.
Summer came and mineral makeup became popular.
For this reason,  the most important base attracts a lot of people.
Except for the people who have a terrible skin, many people perfect watery and thin makeup to coverage.
The makeup is so much influenced by trends and seasons.

A lot of people wanted to use B.B cream last year.
The most (B.B cream is evolved. it doesn't seem like a glitter.)
Now 'Tinted moisturizer, Timmo' many articles come out.
It was released continuously because is was not a new one, and there were many people who apply the 'Tinted moisturizer'.
Now more people are looking for the 'Tinted moisturizer'.
I think that's why many brands launch the 'Tinted moisturizer'
A lot of brands release it, many people are interested  in it, many people use it.
That means it's the general situation.


'Ultra facial tinted moisturizer SPF15' contains royal jelly and it makes your skin tone vivid.
Beside formula made of best plants ingredient such as Avocado, an apricot stone, sweet almond takes care of the way your skin.
It keeps your skin moisturized. SPR 15 which blocks out the UV effectively prevents your skin from the Sun.

The head of Woo Hyun-jeung in W purify - Ko so-young, Ko Hyun-jung, Kwon Sang woo, Lee mi-suk.
Piccasso Makeup Brush FB16 has an elastic and soft hair so it helps you to show a clean skin.
It's size is pretty much big, but it makes you to shorten the time of applying. 
So it is usually used by many people to express the natural skin.

KIEHL's 'Tinted moisturizer' contains a little function of sun block.(SPF15)
As fear of the Ultraviolet rays is getting higher, a lot of base products basically contains  the function of sun block.
It's hard to believe, but it's better to have it.

Two colors,
Medium & Light
If you have a dark skin choose the medium.
Light will be okay for the general females.
It has a pink color.
So if you have a reddish skin, you'll not be perfectly satisfied with it.
For those people, beige color will look good on you.


However, it's a good color for anybody to use.
TInted moisturizer is applied very thinly, you don't have worry about it.
There are not many options for choosing the color so it makes me sad.
But, it's not a big deal for the Asians.

Big feature of 'Tinted moisturizer' is washiness.
So, we can't expect the covering power.
It's just a revision of the skin tone and arrangement of the skin texture.
If you apply it repeatedly, coverage works.
But, you must not forget about  the tinted moisturizer' s average coverage.

Well applied.
Watery enough.
Goodbye dryness~!!!

It contains much oil & water compared with other products.
So, it's really good for the people who have dry skin.
If you have extremely oily skin, just avoid it people mistake you for really oily person.

There are a lot of tube types.                         In case KIEHL, it in a small case so it'll give you a satisfaction with its appearance.         It's made of lid open type, it gets a little dirty.                                                                But, tube type is similar.                              so, I can't say just one thing.                                                                                                

In case of 'Tinted Moisturizer' people use it not for the coverage but for the moisture.   
If you use the brush correctly, you'll see the maximized effect.

Piccasso Makeup Brush FB16 is a flat and wide type foundation brush.
It's the best product to apply the foundation thinly and evenly.
Every foundation brush has its advantage, you could select the brush that you want based on the feature of the product.

Take out of the tinted moisturizer to the back of your hand, and coat it into the foundation brush evenly.
Apply it from the inner side to the outer side with ease.
If you want to cover more, just tap it lightly.

In case of the 'Tinted moisturizer' it aims at applying the product thinly rather than pore coverage or soothing skin texture.
So Piccasso Makeup Brush FB16 will be more comfortable to use.

Piccasso Makeup Brush FB16's strong point is a speed!
It shows the highest speed because of its width.
As KIEHL Tinted moisturizer's coverage gets high through several applying, it's good to tap your face with it lightly. 

[Piccasso Makeup Brush Instructions]

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