Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Makeup Forever Star powder

Makeup Forever Star powder[947pale peach]

Not only 947 Pale peach but also all the colors of Makeup forever star powder catches peoples’ eyes. 
Various pearl colors are well mixed with each other and they give you a delicate feeling. 
So, any kind of make-ups takes the colors well.
That’s why they’re really attractive. 

Makeup forever star powder 947 Pale peach is well harmonized with the pearl and 
it makes you complete eye makeup by using only this product. 
Makeup forever star powders are all popular, but there’s a reason 947 Pale peach is the best. 
Another name of 947 Pale peach is a tear-makeup or tear-effect of Kim Hye-Soo…
Kim Hye-Soo enjoyed using this product and it became popular.
It’s proper for expressing the eyes because delicate pearl make your eye watery. 
It has a good sustaining power compared with other pearl products.

Thanks to Kim Hye-Soo, Star powder 947 could be a rising star.
Makeup forever star powder 947 Pale peach has a soft color and you’ll get the feminine beauty.
Even though it contains much pearl, it has a precise color feeling. 

Based on these facts, it shows a good color. 
The reason people who enjoy transparent makeup like Makeup forever star powder 947 Pale peach is the bright pearl, a good color feeling and innocent beauty.
It does not show just a glittering pearl but a delicate feeling… 
it’ll make you express a luxurious feeling when you give a tear effect. 

Star powder 947 can be applied to your eyes, but 
apply it to under part of the eyes. Then, you’ll be satisfied with it. 

Use a moderate and powerful makeup brush and it makes possible to express the eyes perfectly.
Piccasso makeup brushno.711 is made of Kolinsky hair and it’s really soft and powerful.
With these factors, it excellently holds the feeling of pearl. 
Besides, it gets thin toward the edge so it’s good applying to under part of your eyes. 
If you apply the product too widely, you’ll be looked country-like. 
So, use a small size makeup brush. 

When you give a point to membranes and eyelashes by using the edge of hair, it’s better to sweep naturally. 
When you reflect this rule to entire under part of the eyes, use the brush with it being laid. 
Piccasso makeup brush no.711 is useful for drawing eye-line by using a eyeshadow, giving a color to the under part. 
So, how about having at least one? 

Star powder 947 attached Kim Hye-Soo looks beautiful due to it’s not applied overly.

Team leader of Shin Hye-Ryung in Jenny house – Shin Min-A, Kim Mi-Suk, Eric, Kim Sung-Soo :"Piccassomakeup brush no.711 is usually used in drawing eye-line or expressing exquisitely. It is used when you apply the point color or spread it."

Powder type pearl eyeshadow completes from natural and watery expression to fantastic makeup. 
Depend on the characteristic of makeup and the color of star powder, it can be applied to your cheek, lips, face, hair to give a gloss.
Put a little amount on your face, apply it with the brush or finger.

[Piccasso Makeup Brush Instructions]

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