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It’s a proper product for the people who want the gorgeous and well-covered skin.
It’s not a powder type but a compact type. 
It seems like two-way cake used by mothers, actually it’s close to the compact powder. 
It certainly holds oil and has a sustaining power.
If you use it to feel the power of powder, you’ll never regret it.

Due to it’s the compact type, coverage is perfect with no doubt. 
If you essentially use the powder, just apply the foundation lightly. 
Then, apply the Chanel perfection compact and you could complete a clean skin.
It’s such an excellent coverage. 
The big advantage of this powder is… 
if others have a high coverage, it looks so thick and stuffy. 
But, Chanel double perfection compact does not. 
Don’t press your face too much with a sponge. 
Coverage will be added and lightness will be continued.

There are a lot of colors. 

In case of the powder, they usually have 2~4 types. 
However, Chanel double compact has 8 types.

Chanel luimire 10.
Chanel  aurora 30.
Chanel sable 40.
Chanel poudre 50.
Chanel relief 90.
Chanel savan 95.
Chanel akiju 105.
Chanel ultime 120.

Colorful, natural…dark skin also can apply it. 
If you have a normal color skin, you can apply 40 sable. 
It has less colorful feeling than others, but you can express really natural skin. 
When you apply a bright tone product to show the colorful feeling, the makeup will not be seen in natural. 
For this reason, it’s wise to purchase it after having a test.
If you’d like to give a beautiful feeling to the normal color skin, no.21 will be okay?
No.10 lumiere is a proper product. 

According to the particle is very fine, it definitely holds oil and sustaining power is really good. 
We recommend this product to the oily skin people. 
You don’t need to modify the makeup because there’s no darkening.

Powder is crucial to adjust the amount. 
Many people apply it because they want the foundation’s sustaining power and coverage. 
But, they failed to adjust the quantity and their skin is changed very thickly and stuffily. 
Also, you’d better choose a makeup brush after considering which powder you’ll apply. 
For example, you have to choose not that powerful powder brush when you apply the powder lightly. 
As Chanel perfection compact, soft and powerful product maximizes coverage and oil. 
Among Piccasso Makeup powder brushes, no.103A is portable with the short handle, powerful and soft. 
So, it’s really popular with the people who enjoy using powder pact types. 

Coat the Chanel double perfection compact into one side of the hair, tap lightly from your jaw line to front cheek. 
You can apply it to the cheek, first. But, you’d better apply it to the side line rather than cheek if you’re not used to adjusting the amount.

People usually coat the product and immediately sweep. 
However, watery foundation and powder particles meet and they’re easily crumpled. 

So, if you’re a beginner, tap and sweep. 
You could apply the powder evenly.

You should tap the powder. 
Always small amount! Coat it repeatedly.

Vice head of Lim Jung-Sun in La beauty core – Won Bin, Jang Dong-Gun, Song Seung-Hun, 
Jung Joon-Ho, Jun In-Hwa, Eugene

:“ Piccasso Makeup Brush powder no.103A is a multi-brush which deals with not only powder also shading. 
You could use it quite freely.” 

Double perfection compact expresses beautiful, light, natural and shining skin.
Moisture is supplied to the upper layer of skin. 
So, skin keeps moisture. SPF 10 
A complex between sugar content and amino acid prevents the dryness of skin.
Apply it face and neck line by using a sponge. 
If you want natural effect, use a dried sponge. 
If you want a long-lasting coverage, use a wet sponge. 
Especially, it’s an appropriate product for removing oil of T-zone during the day. 

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