Tuesday, December 20, 2011


If MAC has a Soba, BOBBI BROWN has a Toast. 

If you have a bright skin, 
Toast will be a proper product to give a moderate shade.
It is a clear shadow with no pearl, 
so it’s proper for not only shading also natural eye makeup.
Han Hyo-Ju, Su-Ae enjoy using this product. 
Then, can you imagine the feeling of the shadow ?

In case of MAC Soba, it’s appropriate for the shade but it’s hard to use in gradation. 

Toast is a little bit more easier than it. 
Dark color shadow is can be seen outstandingly in case of gradation or spreading, 
so people cares about doing it but they don’t care about the soft color. 


The way of gradation, concentration of color affects subtleness, and luxurious eye makeup.

Toast color is the middle color of red brown and beige? 
Red tone color is really useful because it fits well to anyone. 
So, we recommend you to have at least one red tone color. 
Even though you apply the color to your whole eyes, 
it does not show a remarkable color. 
But, it’s pretty charming so people keep buying it. 
This shadow has a light feeling, so you could use it during all seasons.
For this reason, this color feels something lacking to express deep eyes. 
It makes your eyes wholly relaxed rather than deepened. 
All the products had better have a test, 
especially the person who doesn’t like swollen eyes must have a test. 
After applying it, some people say that you look swollen.

It looks good on Chungdamdong daughter-in-law look^^ Differently, 

Soba is really easy to apply the color. 
If you’re really bad at makeup, you can feel it’s really hard. 
Relatively, this shadow has a purpose of applying evenly rather than good color expression. 
So, it’s comfortable to use soft and think brush.

When you use it as a shadow, 
it’s better to use Piccasso Makeup Brush no.217 to apply evenly with a great gradation.
The edge is round and flat so it’s easy to gradate without strong color expression.
Coat the Toast product into one side of hair and 
apply it from double eyelid part to whole eyes with ease. 

At this point, coat it in the first part again. 
That is to say, repeat it again and again.
If you’re going to apply it lightly to the eye-hole part, Piccasso Makeup Brush no.217 is too short to apply the color moderately. 
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.206 is a great brush to apply the color to the only eye-hole part.
In case of eye makeup, you make high the concentration of the colors. 

Entirely, it’s good to apply the color clearly after base to show not the profound makeup 
but the natural makeup.
This brush would be perfect if you use this product by giving a great color expression.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.206 is a squirrel hair and it’s very natural. 
You’d better prepare for this product for natural makeup by applying dark color. 
It’s easy to graduate with its thickness. 
Apply it from the inside of eye to the eye-hole as you did. 
At this point, it’s important to gradate gradually not to make a line. 

When you apply the color with no consistent touch but rolling, 
it’s not expressed strongly because of the soft color. 
The artists are really good at makeup due to their careers, and 
they already know the coming results. 

For these reasons, it’s apparent that there would be different results. 
The fine differences make totally different results^^ 

There are some people who miss applying the color to the under part. 
By using the side line of brush, apply it to the under part. 
Then, you’ll have profound and natural eyes. 

Toast is a shading shadow so it’s good to express the depth softly. 
Apply it softly repeatedly. 
(twice) If you don’t know how much you have to apply the product, please refer to it^^
Frequent practice makes your makeup perfect.

Silky, clean and natural color eye-shadow. It’s easily separated from the package with one-touch 
so you can use it individually. 
Also, it’s possible to assemble at your palette.

The head of Su-Kyung in SoonSoo- Kim Nam-Ju, Han Eun-Jung, Kim Ok-Bin, 
Lee Mi-Suk, Ryeo-Won, Lee Si-Young, Wang Bit-Na, Su-Ae, Lee Sun-Kyoon.

"Piccasso Makeup Brush no.217 is usually used in expressing the exquisite shade to the eye-hole. 
I’m really satisfied with the soft hair and easy use. It also expresses the color well."

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.206 can be used by sweeping the one-side. 
Thus, it was made to show the good and natural color expression.

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