Tuesday, December 20, 2011

[M.A.C] Eye shadow soba

Mac Soba

Soba is famous for shadow.
Soba has a darker color than you thought so, it’s good to use as a shadow. 
However, it’s also proper for give a depth as an eye-point color.
There are a lot of people who purchase it after seeing the picture of Han Ye-seul but, the color is never easy to deal with it.
Apparently, it’s really attractive.

Shadow colors delicately vary from touch. Therefore, it’s essential for adjustment of concentration.

It’s hard to say brown color because it does not have much 
red feeling but close to reddish brown.
It looks really attractive due to it contains gold pearl.
It is apt to be seen heavy and moisturized but, 
it is looked soft with gold pearl.

There is no need to say that Han Ye-Seul is pretty even if it’s applied carelessly. 

Besides, it’s no doubt that she looks pretty because Chungdam-dong famous artists apply it with adjustment of concentration and location.
If you are a person who has a reckless belief in that you’ll have
Han Ye-Seul face with just this color, it makes me very sad.

How to own my Soba color, here is a tip!

Once, Soba color is useful for natural makeup or smoky makeup.
Low price Soba comes from other brand, but 
it has a less influence than real Soba color.
Anyways, it looks different from real Soba color because of the delicate difference.

For those who wear smoky makeup, it’s proper for base color.
Once, finish all eye makeup except for base. (Before mascara, false eyelash)
Next, apply it like sweeping to your eyes around and under part by using soft smudge brush.
You don’t have to apply base color because it has a purpose of giving depth and connection after dark color eye makeup.
It’s not all identical as smudge brush.
Once, don’t touch applied color when you apply base with Soba color. 
Then, there is no meaning that brush has a power according to the necessity of applying soft color.
Additionally, You could clearly apply it by slight rolling with smudge type brush.
Deep gradation could be made with smudge.
People who use Piccasso Makeup Brush no.208 sometimes say hair is empty. 
But, it widened rooms to minimize power of hair by offering natural blending,gradation.
You could apply it by light blending from the last part that dark color ends.

 If you’d like to give a shade with Soba color in natural makeup, apply it from double eyelids to your eyes around by light rolling with Piccaso Makeup Brush no.208 .
Don’t expect to finish at one go, and do it repeatedly by controlling the color. It’s secret of making clear eye.

It’s possible to give a point with just Soba color.
You also could use powerful smudge brush at this time rather than powerless brush such as 

Piccasso Makeup Brush No.200 smudge brush is narrower and 
harder than general smudge brush.
It is the strongest brush because of kolinsky hair.
As you apply it darkly from the inside part of double eyelids, you could also apply it to the 1mm upper part of double eyelids’ line. Finally, apply it to the under part from one-third point. 

Soba is appropriate for the people who does not have white or 
black but have yellow skin.
It’s popular with Korean females based on this fact ^^
If you have dark skin, it’s easy to express modern-sexy.
Natural sexy feeling? It makes more alluring atmosphere than before.

It’s wise to purchase the product after applying it to your eyes rather than back of hand’s test. It’s because there is a difference depending on eyes and concentration.
After considering from various angles, there is no disadvantage of Soba. Though, you’ll need tester.

 It’s composed of various colors and texture 
so that it makes a completion of charming eyes. Eye shadow which has outstanding color expression and various colors helps you to express a variety of eye-looks.

Jenny House director of Lim Seo-Yoon- Han Ji-Hye, Cha Ye-Ryun, Wang Hee-Ji

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.208 is narrow and round so, 
it’s proper for double eyelids or point makeup.
Coat the product to the end of brush, and 
it’s a eye makeup mate used in drawing eyeline.

To make an elaborate blending, gradation smoothly, and express various eye, Piccasso Makeup Brush no.200 brush was born which has high elasticity and small size.

P.S:  I am trying to finish today's posting in a hope that 
         every listing help every beauty users.    
         Have a good day everybody!

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