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Benefit Doctor Feel Good

The most important reason why people use primer products is to have a clear skin.
People who have inborn skin such as entertainers worry about their pores. 
Then, can you imagine the people who only deal with home care?
For 6~7 years ago, there were not many case of getting ready for primer depending on brands.
Even now, the popularity is unchanged. Also, Benefit Doctor Feel Good was the best product at that time and it was okay to advertise Benefit.  
Primer was an innovative product!

Elaborate cutting foundation brush perfectly covers small pores.

The biggest advantage of Piccasso Makeup Brush FB15 is covering pores~!


it only covers pores.
The feature of people who have pore of skin is that they have rough skin texture. 
(Especially, more wide pores). 
Then, you could cover up the pores, but there is a limit of owning clean skin.
So, you have to apply the primer!
Through covering your skin with a film, it gives you a clear skin.
However, don’t expect to have a perfect baby skin. 
It’s not a cosmetic procedure.

It’s the very famous Benefit Doctor Feel Good.
These days, it loses its popularity because of many other famous products. 
However, we cannot ignore original one.
In the beginning of 2000s, it was a necessity of Chungdamdong pro-makeup artists.
If there were not Doctor Feel Good in the circumstance of business trip, 
staff will be thrown into confusion.

Doctor Feel Good is good for oily skin. 
It’s because it’s good at coverage of pores and oil-control.
Even if you don’t cover your pores obstinately, you could apply it to the oily part to sustain makeup.
It’s a silicon shape made of wax type contained
solid. It’s uncomfortable due to the way of not weaving but pumping.
It’s easy to apply with its soft and well-melted texture even if it’s a solid type.
Doctor Feel Good is wholly based on the primer’s basis.

Moisturized primer is good for dry skin and well absorbs foundation. 
It expresses showy color and bright skin with a pearl or color.
If this function is added to the basic function, it couldn’t be better. 
But, basic function is a premise.

The relations must not be reversed. There are a lot of moist base, pearl, or 
fascinating base but for the primer.
Don’t hurry to finish at a time if you know skin makeup is the most important thing.

Good news for the people have oily skin ~ 
As soon as you apply Doctor Feel Good, you could see a change of your skin with clearness.

First of all, it’s useful for oily skin due to it holds and blocks oil.
Second, it’s also good for the people who would like to own sustainable makeup even if you don’t have oily skin.
Third, it controls pores and oil at the same time.

Velvet is a right said from Benefit. 
However, it’s really different depending on people because oil sometimes comes up.
Still, it’s not messily but clearly erased.
If you apply it a little to the part of pore, you could feel soft skin by filled with 
Doctor Feel Good. But, it’s impossible to have a baby face as Benefit’s introduction.
Stop an exaggerated advertisement, please. Innocent customers really accept their saying.
You’d better not expect too much. Just consider it covers fine wrinkles and makes soft pores.

You could apply primer with your hand, brush, or sponge.
Usually, many people use their hands but it would be better to use fourth finger for nose or cheek part.
I think fourth finger will be the best to use with ease, but it’s an option.
At this time, apply it like filling up by rolling primer. 
It’ll be an effective way of covering pores.
Sponge is good for opened pores rather than sole use.

Big pores like a hole is hard to be covered by it, so use your fourth finger and apply it like pulling the product. 
Then, skim off it with a sponge when you apply the base.
You must skim off with a reverse direction.
Because it’s opened by a direction of skin texture, so don’t skim it off with a right direction.
Do you know the time of using a brush? 
You could use the brush in case of spreading small pores widely.

Anyone is not free from the pores. There are many people who have serious pores and early twenties also have small pores around t-zone and cheek.
In this case, you’re responsible for covering up the pores with your hand. But, 
if you hope to have a just clean skin with no small pores, 
touch your face only one with this brush.
Hand perfectly covers your pores, but it’s not easy to adjust amounts in broad parts.
Besides, you’ll be in agony about applying parts and smudges.
Here is a careful point when you apply with a brush. It’s the shape of brush. 
You cannot apply with any brushes because it makes much smudges.
Uniform cutting! Soft, but elastic!

White Piccasso Makeup Brush no.724 which will be released in September is good for applying. 
If you want more narrow part than now, it’s okay to use
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.300. One-fourth size of Piccasso Makeup Brush no.724?
(Piccasso Makeup Brush no.300 is a concealer brush for the use of primer.)
Take out of Doctor Feel Good with spatula and slightly melt it. 
Then, apply it along with your skin texture after coating it in the brush.
Wait! Use mini-spatula or each spatula when you use the product which has a container.
If you have to use it without spatula, use cotton swab. Apply to your nose or forehead with it.
When you use it too much, just skim it off in reverse.
If you have opened pores, fill them up with the edge of brush and skim it off in reverse.

Piccasso Makeup Brush no.724 white product will be released in September.
You could see the explanation later.

Face balm covers pores of skin and fine wrinkles and holds oil.
Doctor Feel Good controls the secretion of sebum and 
covers the pores and fine wrinkles 
by holding oil. So, you’ll have a soft skin like a velvet.
Fast moisturizing effect and maintaining makeup.

The biggest problem of females is that skin trouble. 
To cover it, Piccasso Makeup Brush no.300 makeup brush is made by consideration for moderate elasticity, softness, and proper size.

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