Thursday, February 2, 2012

Makeup Brush recommendation

Used product 
Mac eye shadow - Mineralize
Nobel touch

Used Makeup Brush
Piccasso Makeup Brush    
Eye base - No.217    
Eye smudge - No.219    

Mac Mineralize / Noble touch
Like a Mineralize line, Glittering cubic effect added on delicate pearl makes an arrogant feeling.

Among two colors, it is harmonized with #1 color that can use on eye base and 
#2 color that gives eye point.

#1 color is white tone with little pink.
Pearl that is made yellow, pink, purple, etc and this makes the white color extremely fabulous.
But the pearl is little bit striking so people with little cubby eyes might be careful in using it. 
It might be beautiful to apply on the entire eye or to coat the pearl lightly as a pointer.

#2 color ... I would name it red toned bronzy  gold.
Unexpectedly, red toned bronze might seem heavy, but, with pearl, it can express unique 
and delicate feeling.
Pointing on eyelid and under part on an eye can make it outstand even under lightings.
Especially, if you want to be looking good at eye makeup though you are not, 
using this one might be a perfect answer.

Ways to apply Mac Mineralize Noble Touch better

Mac mineralize Noble Touch has outstanding pearl.
It would be sad apply this famous pearl carelessly.
As Mac Nobel Touch is consisted of delicate pearl and striking pearl, it's good to utilize this.
It's good to spread the pearl, smooth goat hair is recommended at this point.
Noble touch's white pink is good to use an eye base or eye pointer.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.217 has wide edge and made of a goat hair, 
so it gives eye line shine by spreading  delicate pearl and thick pearl.
Using Noble Touch's red toned bronze gold as an eye pointer can express deeper eye line.
When giving a point to eyelid, applying it by rolling it with Piccasso Makeup Brush no.219 would work successfully.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.219 is also proper to use as a delicate eye pointer as its hairs gather up.

[ Ways to use Piccasso Makeup Brush no.217, no.219 ]

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