Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ways to do makeup, Mac Eye shadow Expensive Pink

Mac Eye Shadow Expensive

The spring of 2011 is coming
The color for the season spring is pink, of course.
Pink is the color which Koreans aspire most.
One sad fact is that it doesn't go well with Koreans.
But we have to use it.
If you cannot but use it, like this.

Used product
Mac Eye Shadow 
Expensive Pink

Used Makeup Brush
Piccasso Makeup Brush    
Eye shadow no.220    

Coloring & Proper makeup brush for it

Mac Eye shadow / Expensive Pink

Expensive Pink
Why is its name expensive?
Did Mac not know the word luxurious? (May be not.....)
Well, it's not perfectly pink.
It's closer to scarlet.
The added gold pearl gives cubic effect.

When I tested on my hand, as it was more 'red' than I expected, I thought it wouldn't go well with little red Korean skin, but when I actually tired it, I realized I was wrong.
When applied on eye, it felt like a "career woman".
When I swept it roundly on over the eyelid, eye hole, it made a satisfying eye makeup.
Just, eyeliner is essential for it.

Expensive Pink doesn't need to be mixed with other colors because you can express an arrogant eye line only with this.
Eye hole and eyelid line under makeup can be done in once. 
So it's good to use an eye smudge brush rather than general brush.
Piccasso Makeup Brush no.220 is made of goat hair so it expresses color perfectly,
Moreover, as it's the strongest among smudge brushes, it's proper to highlight the under.

By rolling Piccasso Makeup Brush no.220 (connection is very important for coloring with one color), color from hole to eyelid  and draw the under with the tap of the brush.
Applying only upper shadow can make a floating feeling.

Makeup Brush - Piccasso Makeup Brush no.220 

Among eye smudge brushes, Piccasso Makeup Brush no.220 can be used to apply even the under for more delicate and slim eye line.
It's a mohair brush which has a fantastic coloring.
It has advantage of the least powder flying among smudge brushes.
It was dyed black in order to hide stains from deep makeup.
Its strong hair enables excellent coloring and it's good to gradate eye shadow in spread feeling.
It's good to highlight eye line with deep color.
Also, compared to general smudge brush, precise coloring is possible with 
this as this has a very slim edge.

[ Ways to use Piccasso Makeup Brush no.220 ]

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