Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bourjois ‘Comme après 10 de sommeil’ foundation

Bourjois ‘Comme après 10 de sommeil’ foundation

So called bourjois 10 hour foundation, it is a product which express slept-10-hours skin.
There are few who knows its full name.
They know it as just Bourjois 10 hours foundation.

It contains vitamin E, F, B5 and mineral so it makes dark and tired skin fresh and bright.
Anyway, it's a steady seller foundation of Bourjois.

The world tinted moisture seems more proper for the name of this, rather than foundation.
It is very light and watery with little weak covering.
It doesn' t give freshness for 10 hours like they say about it, but it gives watery feeling with less dryness compared to other foundation.
So it's good for people want to avoid tight feeling.
It's a foundation for dry skin.

The pumping case is clean and easy to use.
Cleaning the cap is enough.

It's watery so it applies well.


There are colors of 71, 72, 73 # 71 is good for bright skin, # 72 is good for normal skin, 
# 73 is good for little bit dark skin.

# 71. is a little yellowish colored one.
So it's good for skin with bright and little reddish tone.
But it's not yellowish much, so it goes well with every bright skin.

It applies lightly so you can't do a perfect covering.
It is focused on dryness rather than covering.
It covers better than tineted moisture and less than general foundation.
It covers reddish and light scars.
It is recommended for people who want to keep freshness rather than perfect covering.

Bourjois 10 hour foundation is for applying clean rather than for covering, 
so foundation brush is good for this.
Piccasso Makeup Brush FB15 foundation brush is good for covering 
but Piccasso Makeup Brush FB16 foundation brush which is wide 
and has a good elasticity is more useful for this.

Piccasso Makeup Brush FB16 foundation brush has a good elasticity and it upgrades the absorption.

Tapping it with wide side after applying add extra covering 
so it's very useful for applying light products tinted moisturizer or Bourjois 10-hour foundation.

Bourjois 10-hour foundation is recommended to people with dry skin.

W purifi Woo Hyun-Jong director - Goh So-Young, Goh Hyun-Jung, Lim Soo-Jung, Lee Young-Eun, Gwon Sang-Woo, Gong Hyung-Jin, Lee Mee-suk.

10-hour foundation.
Shiny skin looks like having slept for 10 hours.
Bourjois ‘Comme après 10 de sommeil’ foundation contains vitamin E, F, B5 
and mineral so it makes dark and tired excessive oil.
Experience Bourjois ‘Comme après 10 de sommeil’ foundation 
which makes your skin like a baby's skin.

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