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Missha Mprism Dot Pressed Powder

Missha Mprism Dot Pressed Powder

Missha says, " This pressed powder expresses transparent and bright skin tone."
People used to apply pact powder entirely, 
but now, many apply it partially to express hydrated skin.
Whether on oily skin or on part that needs to be bright.

So, powders in various colors are released.
The reason Guerlain bead powder is popular is that it can also be used as light highlighter.
Missha Mprism Dot Pressed Powder has nice color that can also function as highlighter.
Some have too much pearl for function of highlighter, but Missha Prism Dot Pressed Powder contains no pearl, so it is good to express brightness.

As 4 pastel toned colors are blended, it is way brighter.
The color is fine to use unless you have tanned dark skin.
It is written 'proper for every skin tone.'
Apply it like general powder if you want express entirely bright skin, and apply it on 
T-zone if you want to cover oily part of face.
Color - function
Violet - expressing bright skin tone
Sky blue - cover dark skin tone
Yellow - expresses natural tone by suppressing copper tone
Pink - expresses lovely and young skin tone

In case of face with many troubles, highlighter could make pores look bigger or troubles more highlighted.
Also, the skin can seem oily too much, rather than smooth.
At this time, Missha Mprism Dot Pressed Powder can be an answer.
As a highlighter, not powder.
It adds brightness and prevents it from being too oily by catching oily particles as it doesn't contains pearl.
So, Missha Mprism Dot Pressed Powder is popular among people with oily skin.

Missha Mprism Dot Pressed Powder can be used either as powder or highlighter.
So it is good to select Mohair product that can be used to both.
Hard hair can stimulate skin and can ruin base that applied beforehand.
Piccasso Makeup no.103PB Powder Brush is mohair powder brush.
The hair is strong and soft, so it covers oily particles very well.
So it goes fantastic with oily skin.
It is good to sweep after tap lightly rather than sweep right away.
Beginners can make powder stick together so it is good to make the brush stand when touching subtle part like side nose.

It is good to apply with side of the brush when using it as highlighter on T-zone or under the eye.

Piccasso Makeup no.103pb brush is a makeup brush that can be used as blusher, highlighter 
and shading, let alone pact powder.

2 function at one go
Missha Mprism Dot Pressed Powder.

Jenny House Kim Hyun-Sook director - Son Ye-Jin, Song Ji-Hyo, Han Ji-Min, Hwang Shin-Hye, Kim Ji-Soo, Min Hyou-Rin, Lee Mi-Yon, Kim Ha-Neul.

: " Piccasso Makeup no.103pb powder brush is a magical powder chic brush that      
     helps any powder express chic and gradates perfectly.
     Thick and soft hair is strong so products can be expressed perfectly when touched 
     in diagonal line."

Pressed Powder expresses transparent and bright skin.

1. It can be used on any types of skin with blending pastel colors and 
    expresses skin transparent and bright.

2. It expresses rich pearl and color as it is manufactured in grinding bake method 
    which goes through baking 12 hours after pasting grinding powders 
    in various colors.

3.  7 types of white flower complex and gold extract keep skin brighter and fresher.

4. Its extremely fine pearl applies lightly even in fixing makeup.

[ Ways to use Piccasso Makeup no.103pb Brush ]

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