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It's more famous as Lee Hyo-Ri (Korean top star) lipstick than its original name, Peach-stock.

Anyone who enjoys smoky makeup might have at least one skin-toned lipstick.
Among them, peach-stock is absolutely outstanding.
Of course, it's best among Mac lipsticks.

Harmony of Peach-stock and proof 09
It seems natural that flexible lip brush goes with satin products.
If dead skin cell bothers, or you want to experience fabulous coloring, 
Piccasso Makeup Brush proof no.09 is the answer.

This lipstick expresses attractive lip with various texture and colors.
It expresses lip color that you want exactly with its outstanding coloring.
Various expressions are possible according to the texture type.
Vitamin ingredients make your lip moist.


As it satin, it should be applied more softly than matt ones, 
but it surely floats on lips with dead skin cells.
That's a sad reality that I should accept.(Lip are said to be gifted)
In case of matt ones, it only looks dry on lips that have dead skin cells, 
but in case of satin product, it also looks mottled, it's the biggest flaw.
Just, it connects colors well as it applies softly.
So it covers its flaw.
Coating with it when fixing lip makeup maximizes the color being mottled.
So it's good to apply after erasing it.
When erasing, sweep lightly with soft cotton swab with lotion or lip balm.
Rubbing hard can cause wrinkles on your lips.
Lip needs a careful touch as it is weak part.

It's proper to highlight on eye when you color lip in skin-tone in smoky makeup, 
so it is used often alone.
Even more, it is also good to be used as base color, as it softens lip color.
Peach-stock is easiest among skin-tone color.
As delicate difference makes big different feeling in case of skin tone, beige tone, 
it's wise to purchase after testing.
I saw many who look weird with too strong beige tone.
Peach-stock goes well with oriental skin tone, so it looks good on almost every skin.
Applying light beige color or transparent lip gloss after Peach-stock can upgrade moist
and sexy feeling...but it is not recommended for people with many dead skin cells.
Well, skin-toned lipstick cannot make people younger or lovely.
Peach-stock just upgrades mature beauty.

Jung Sam-Mul Inspiration Son Joo-Hee vice director - responsible for makeup of 
Kim Tae-Hee, Han Ye-Seul, Yoo-Ji, Byun Jung-Soo, Song Yoon-Ah, Han Chae-Young 
(Korean top actresses)

: "Brush in various sizes is needed for perfect covering.
   I have all the Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof line and I use them each by cases"

Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof no.09     

Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof line is for concealer.
It is most out standing among concealer brushes with its flexibility and softness.
It smoothes well as it is highly flexible, so it's also good as a lip brush.
Perfect coloring by its perfect smoothing.
Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof no.09 is in most proper size among Piccasso Makeup Brush proof line.

Concealer brush can be used as a lip brush.
The main name is selected only because it is good to applying moist and oily product with concealer,
lip, eye liner, foundation brush with natural hair.
So you don't have to make a limitation in usages.
The reason why Piccasso Makeup Brush proof no.09 is popular as lip, concealer, and cream shadow brush is its perfect coloring, smoothing and sustainability 
by its high flexibility.
Just, it is should be used only one usage.

If you want to express lip line precisely, use the side~!

[ Ways to use Piccaso Makeup Brush Proof line ]

Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof no.09 high flexibility is very proper for covering even coloring and dead skin cells, which is the biggest flaw of Peach-stock.
As it is moist, it applies well but not evenly.
And it gets more mottled as time goes making dead skin cells stand out.
So, we should lean on the help of lip brush.

Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof line is representative in concealer brushes 
and Piccasso Makeup Brush Proof no.09 is in most proper size as lip brush, lightly sweeping makes entire coloring and tapping makes gradation.
It mean it's perfect.
Lee Hyo-Ri might use Piccasso Makeup Brush proof no.09 
when applying Peach-stock.
If you've never used lip brush, try this.
You might be addicted to it~!

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